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Maria asks…

How realistic is online poker?

I’ve been playing an online poker game on my Android a lot lately, but some of the hands that I get seem unrealistic, such as getting doubles twice in a row of the same card.

The game is „live holdem poker pro“ by Dragonplay.

admin answers:

When you play for cash online, it is very realistic. Compared to apps, they give you „Dreamworld Odds“ so then you will enjoy the game more, and the app is not losing any money, whereas online poker for real money, if you got pairs every time and royal flush every 12 hands, you would make the company go bankrupt within a day, if not an hour.

Carol asks…

What poker website with no limit texas hold ‚em has the lowest „commissions“.?

I notice that the $5 poker games, take 10% on absolute poker, how about the other websites?

admin answers:

You might try I have several friends that really enjoy playing there.

Daniel asks…

Hypothetical question about those boots they put on your car for unpaid parking tickets?

Not reflective of me in any way, just had a friend at a poker game bring it up and we all thought it was interesting.

Say you get a boot on your tire, and, your a locksmith? (I think you know where I’m going with this)

What would happen?

admin answers:

I would forsee a lot more problems then an unpaid parking ticket at that point.

Sandra asks…

How do you update answers to „Resolved Questions“ on Yahoo?

I see accepted answers referring to the phrase „The buck stops here“ assuming that the original meaning to „buck“ referred to a dollar bill. The original phrase, though popularized by President Truman, was actually created in Britain, no dollars, during poker games where a „buck knife“ was passed around the table identifying the current card dealer.

I wanted to add my „two cents“ to the answers but could not find an option to do so.

admin answers:

You can not update answers to resolved questions. Even if you were able to, it is unlikely the answer would even be seen. The question is likely several pages out of site. Even when a question is still open for answers, if someone edits their answer, the asker does not receive notification that additional information was added. So they wouldn’t likely see it even in that instance.

Ken asks…

What are the best XBOX 360 games for Flight and Airplanes, Jets, Dogfights etc.?

I would like to find the best XBOX 360 LIVE games that would allow me to play against other people in Flight War Games and Dogfights between my airplane and/or Jet against their Plane.

Also any good Poker games out there for XBOX 360 LIVE ?

admin answers:

Get blazing angels 1 and 2 or ace combat, those r the only good games for 360 that are flight based. To find poker games go to xbox live market place and look for em, probly around 800 m points(10 bucks).

Blazing angels-7/10
blazing angels 2-8/10
ace combat 6-8/10

go on xbox lvie and download some demos, i know you can download an ace combat demo if you want to try it out idk about the others though.

WARNING: If you buy these games ther are barly and ppl online for it cuz there playing cod4 or halo3

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