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Chris asks…

What is the best Pub Poker league in the Uk?

Poker is the latest craze to hit the pubs. It has been estimated that 1 in 4 people are now playing it. I want your opinion on which Pub Poker League you think is the best explaining why you think so in as much detail as possible. Shuffle up and deal…

admin answers:

I have tried a few pub poker leagues and I like The Ace of Spades Pub Poker League the best. I usually play poker about 2-3 nights a week. It’s allways a great game of poker, with a friendly atmosphere, and happy faces and I’ve made some great new poker playing friends as well.

Jenny asks…

What are some good poker site I can get into?

Im looking to play poker online, just looking for some good poker site with some incentive to start with, and I am not that good so, i don’t want to get rob online. What are some good poker site?

admin answers:

Poker Stars and Full Tilt are the best online to play at and offer poker schools and other stuff that will help you out. You can check out reviews, bonus codes and freeroll info. For these and other sites at the site below. I would recommend that you try a few freerolls at Full Tilt instead of getting robbed like you said, anyway good luck.

Joseph asks…

Where can I find the no deposit poker bonus for Celeb Poker?

I’ve been trying to find the no deposit bonus that Celeb Poker offers, but I can’t find it on their website and I can’t register myself on the other websites that I find. Where do I get the free money?

admin answers:

You should’ve been able to find them without problem in the search engines

Celeb Poker offers a no deposit poker bonus worth a total of $199 at

I’ve used this offer myself, and the extra bonus after you receive the free money (usually within 72 hours) is very easy to clear. The bonus is additional to the existing deposit bonus of 100% up to $600. I’ve been playing there for a while now, and I’m happy about the room’s look and feel in comparison to other iPoker rooms.

Good luck

Laura asks…

Are there any good fake money poker sites people would recommend?

Been trying to find some but can’t find any. Please don’t say Poker Stars as I already know that one. Thanks

admin answers:

There aren’t really any good „fake money“ poker sites, but it’s not the poker sites fault.

When people play with or for something that doesn’t have any value to them, they play recklessly. You aren’t get any good competition on a site where nothing is at stake, and I wouldn’t trust a site that takes money. Technically, they’re illegal and as a result they are all based outside the United States, which means they can pretty much screw you out of your money and you have no legal recourse.

I know this isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but if you can’t bet locally you’re not going to see better players. What you’ve seen on the internet so far is about as good as it gets for now.

Lisa asks…

We brag about our freedom yet; Why are we the only country that online Poker is illegal?

I have become a criminal at 60+, I play online Poker for real money. Yesterday I won twenty eight cents. Just to prove a point that its not so much the money to me as it is about my freedoms!
I would play for more money but my bank won’t transfer the funds to a poker site.
What do you think about this?

admin answers:

I play poker online and know people who have decided to take some money out. It gets complicated but it’s not illegal.

As for what we call „freedom“, now there’s a huge difference in what we’ve been allowed to do in the U.S. That you can see every 10 years. My Top 10 Dumbest Non-Freedoms List:

1. Hospitals have to go broke saving the lives of criminals, and charge the difference to law abiding people (blaming $60 aspirin on insurance companies).
2. Selling is legal, sex is legal, but somehow, selling sex is illegal. I’m not even for it, but I don’t understand it. It’s spooky enough that it seems to be legal to barter for sex yet it’s not legal to avoid overinflated unkept I.O.U. Promises that we strangely call „dollars“ like they have weight or value.
3. People supposedly have to have a license to drive down their neighborhood street in their own car.
4. Government is allowed to borrow money at all, let alone borrow it from foreign nations.
5. Inflation. Or is this what they mean in Title 18 where it says arson is illegal, murder is illegal, and „illegal counterfeiting“ is illegal?
6. We somehow elect a questionable character as President who apparently has shown less proof he is who he is than if I was to attempt to play Pop Warner football.
7. It’s actually debatable in courts now for people to consider what it takes to make marrying trees and rocks and animals legal.
8. People getting free money for doing nothing get to vote for more free money for themselves, or find a stooge to take up their cause because somehow there’s money in it!
9. Adding the concept of „Hate Crime“ in addition to a murder. People kill each other because they like them now?
10. No one ever asks why nearly all our major Presidential candidates were part of the same club in college, and we don’t even trust the club or even think that its members are good people.

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