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Linda asks…

how can i make money from holding a poker game?

i want to hold a poker game for students, so it would not be a great amount of of money involved, so whats that best way for me to make money off them, without playing myself, and without them feeling ripped off? hoping to do this alot at uni to earn some easy extra cash

admin answers:

The above answers are technically correct. One ingenious solution I have encountered is a system where you “rent” the table and chairs to the players.

This solution is operating under the assumption that you will have “professional” or paid dealers which will rotate from table to table and take a break as well.

The most common variation of this system is to charge a nominal fee, say, $5 per ½ hour (which is a typical dealer shift per table) per player. So, when a dealer sits at the table, each player gives $5 cash. The house takes NO rake, and has NO interest in the outcome of the game. Players must pay the “rent” if they are playing or taking a break. You pay your dealers from this rake, and the dealers keep any tips that they may earn.

The keys to keeping this system legal (depending on the state and local laws), are as follows:
1.Clearly post that the “rent” of the chair/table space is for ½ hour at a time.
2.Clearly post that if requested a dealer is available for the players’ entertainment.
3.Only accept CASH for the rents. IF a player only has chips, cash-out $5 of chips to pay into the rent till, so, if the game is “raided” or “audited” the house has ZERO chips in its collection, and every chip IN PLAY has an accompanying cash amount with it.
4.You must provide unique and hard-to-copy house chips to keep things “on the level”

Now, your state laws may vary, but these are some basic guides to “dance” the legality line without blatantly violating the general laws.

Robert asks…

What to get my boyfriend for valentines day?

So i know there are probably a lot of people asking the same question. He really likes poker and he is a lineman so uses knives a lot. My idea was some sort of „sexy“ poker game but i don’t know of any. Another idea was a knife that he could carry around but again i don’t know any good pocket knives.
Does anyone have any ideas like mine or any other good ideas with poker or knives?
Thank you 🙂

admin answers:

^_^ Make Him Something Meeningfull.

Helen asks…

Why do Men lie to their friends about sex?

My husband hosts a Monday Night poker game with his buddies every week. I usually give the boys time to themselves and go to visit a girlfriend of mine, or take the kids to a movie. Last night I come home early and over hear him telling his buddies that last weekend he, „plowed me for hours until I begged him to stop.“ Because we have 5 kids, Wednesday night is our sex night, we didn’t have sex last weekend and, in fact he spent it fixing our sink. Why do men lie about stuff like that?

admin answers:

Ask him, but do it in a safe non-threatening way. After 5 kids, and years of marriage, you know that communication is about the most important thing in a marriage, however men have been conditioned to hide emotions that are too soft and promote emotions that are strong.

It is a very „man“ thing to be competitive with his buddies. One big arena for that is sexual prowess…perhaps it is primitive and animalistic, but it prevades pretty much all of life from peacocks to rams to men.

I don’t know if you heard all of the conversation, but I’m sure the comment was not unsolicited and his buddies claim similar performance with their wives/girlfriends.

Be proud that he thinks of you in that way. Really I mean it….he apparently loves you and desires you and wants to brag to his buddies about his beautiful and sexy wife and how she finds him attractive and good in bed. It’s like when he was a kid saying, „Look what I’ve got and you can’t have any…Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah!“

Have Fun and be overjoyed that your man loves you.

James asks…

How to use math to cheat at strip poker?

We’re having a strip poker game at a party soon with 5 card stud. I’ve always been good at math and I can count cards on a beginner level. How can I use odds and math or where can I learn to, to have the edge in a game of 5 card stud strip poker?
i know you dont „count“ in poker but you can use odds and math to get the upperhand

admin answers:

It’s called subtraction. You subtract clothes from everyone playing.

Mary asks…

Hypothetical question about those boots they put on your car for unpaid parking tickets?

Not reflective of me in any way, just had a friend at a poker game bring it up and we all thought it was interesting.

Say you get a boot on your tire, and, your a locksmith? (I think you know where I’m going with this)

What would happen?

admin answers:

The next time your car is located, they’ll tow it immediately instead of bothering to boot it. If you’ve damaged the boot, you’ll be charged for that, too.

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