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Chris asks…

What is the most ridiculous thing that you carry with you at all times?

I always carry a pack of cards in my purse. You never know when you’re going to have to play a poker game to win tickets to go on the Titanic 😉

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admin answers:

I carry a picture of my dog….from 35 years ago.

Donna asks…

Anyone know a game that teaches you how to play poker?

Looking for an online free poker game that shows you whether you have a good hand or not and teaches you what cards make a good hand together. 🙂

admin answers:

Dear friend i don’t know about these game. But i give you a site where you can get all information about these problem. So, please visit the given site. I think these site may be helpful to you. Thanks.

Nancy asks…

Can I sue an underground poker game?

I live in MA. Just got invited to an „underground“ poker game. I lost $2000 over the weekend. It was my fault, this I know. They take a rake, they are all set up with security cameras and keep hush-hush. I want to know if I have any legal recourse to get my money back. I shouldn’t have been playing with that much money.

admin answers:

Of course not. That would be like suing your meth dealer for giving you crappy meth.

You can never win a lawsuit involing a crime you actively participated in. You knew the game was illegal, you played anyway. That makes you an accomliss to the crime, not an innocent victim.

And that’s not even taking into account what a complete douche you are for wanting to get your money back just because you’re a sore loser. Freaking scumbag.

Jenny asks…

Are there any good books/websites to help me improve my poker skills?

I am just starting to teach myself to play poker–no limit texas hold’em for now. I’ve been playing two poker video games which are Stacked Poker (ps2) and World Series Poker 2008 (Xbox 360). I don’t think these are enough though. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

If you plan on playing for real money, in the future, the only way to prepare is to practice in real money games. People play very differently for play money then with real money, and this is really the only way to get an accurate feel of the game.

Paul asks…

do you think my lifestyle would work out- no stable job but numerous small ones details below?

okay would this work out:
1. I work many hours as a bartender/ waiter
2. I work as a baseball umpire making 40 – 80 dollars a week
3. Ebay stuff – i buy stuff of ebay and sell it for more etc..
4. Betting – Through the TAB and poker games – making safe calculated risks though
5. Local paper run

Would all of this work do you think? why/why not? financially would it be viable?

admin answers:


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