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James asks…

why does soccer receive so little media attention?

I’ve always been wondering why soccer has been receiving so little media attention on tv. I see them showing poker games, the world’s strongest man contest, nascar etc. etc. but no soccer games really. even though I believe there would be high enough ratings for it on tv by far with all the people here from different countries and diverse ethnic backgrounds. mexican channels here in the states always get huge ratings from it. so why don’t american channels catch on? is there something against soccer that they would rather show any sport in the world except soccer?

admin answers:

Soccer is greatly sponsored and so owned by high handed stakeholders that puts it on only pay-tv.
Pay to watch or else, watch poker or golf….
The popularity is killing itself.

Richard asks…

can you raise twice in a round of poker?

In a poker game can the same player raise again if he or she starts?

admin answers:

Yes, but only if someone else reraises you before action gets back to the you.

Player 1: Bets $5
>>>You: Raise to $10
Player 1: Reraises to $15 total (raise another $5)
>>>You: Reraise to $20 total (raise another $5)

If Player 1 just calls your original raise, then you can’t reraise yourself

Player 1: Bets $5
>>>You: Raise to $10
Player 1: Calls the extra $5
>>>You: (you can’t raise here…)

Once everyone who is involved in the hand has put in the same amount of money, the betting round is over.

George asks…

do you think my lifestyle would work out- no stable numerous small ones details below?

okay would this work out:
1. I work many hours as a bartender/ waiter
2. I work as a baseball umpire making 40 – 80 dollars a week
3. Ebay stuff – i buy stuff of ebay and sell it for more etc..
4. Betting – Through the TAB and poker games – making safe calculated risks though
5. Local paper run

Would all of this work do you think? why/why not?

admin answers:


Charles asks…

What subfield of programming does someone with my “set of skills” belong?

My question here is a general one, and fairly specific to my life, but I am at a crossroads as I’m only a week away from graduating from college with a Computer Science degree and seek guidance from a knowledgeable community with real-world experience. I have about four years of experience in programming, with competence in Python, ActionScript, Java, Processing, and MySQL. I have familiarity with a few others languages and software, but I feel I have a reached a level of confidence in my ability to quickly pick up new languages and solve new problems. My passion is in game design, but I mean that in a distinct setting; I don’t have much experience in video game playing, let alone design, while I am much more interested in web-based game design and mobile game design. I’m also fascinated by creative, novel ideas in an array of media (music, videos, and other expressions of communication). In other words, my dream is to be an inventor, innovator, entrepreneur. I have created a few projects over my college career, such as a Blackjack card counting simulation with a GUI in Python, a few artistic 3D Processing projects, and a Five Card Draw poker game in ActionScript to name a few. Recently I have wondered whether it would be worthwhile to try to make my own website as a portfolio to feature the projects I have created.

Finally arriving at my question, given my „set of skills“, past projects, and interests what would you all recommend as a beginning career path as I transition from a student into the job market? I would appreciate advice as broad as universal tricks of the trade or as specific as job opportunities you think I should turn to. Another factor I’m considering is location. I was born and raised in Boston, but I’d love to expand my horizons anywhere from New York to California as long as the job opportunities are there.

I apologize for the long-winded life story, but I thought it would help to provide some of my background and experience. Also if this post is better suited to a different forum or even different site let me know so that I can act accordingly. And most of all, thank you for your time and sage advice.

admin answers:

See the subfields that is suited to your skills here:

Betty asks…

What is the age requirement for becoming a Poker/Table game dealer in the state of PA?

I was told the age requirement was 18 by the school I went to, however after obtaining multiple certifications which are (for lack of a better word) certified by the Board of Education, I am now being told by the casino I am attempting to apply to that 21 is the age requirement in the state of Pennsylvania to be a Poker or Table Game dealer. Can anyone clear this up for me with some kind of source? I am having difficulties navigating the PA Gaming website. Thank you.

admin answers:

The Minimum age to gamble in PA is 21, it is also the minimum age to work as a dealer.

Minimum Age to Gamble at USA Casinos: Gambling Age Chart
Find the minimum gambling age in casinos for every state in the USA … 18 – 21 (depends on casino) 18 bingo : Pennsylvania : 18 : 18 – Cached

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