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David asks…

What does One Need to Become the Best in the World at Poker?

what do ppl like phil laak or ivey…or brunson etc. have which makes them unbeatable…the best. i started new, I feel like i might have quite a lot of room to improve. Phil laak said he was at this poker club and he started playing and once he got it he broker the record for winning the most in a day or something. So what do they have?

admin answers:

Its interesting because I think Doyle Brunson and Phil Laak have very different styles of play. Doyle Brunson has a very aggressive style while Phil Laak is typically tight solid.

I think what all great poker players have in common is heart.

Thomas asks…

Is playing online poker a good way to earn money?

I always enjoyed playing poker for fun. I’m kind of good at it but I was thinking if it is worth the effort to read books and practice and after getting very good at it, playing online to earn money. Also, I’m a first year university student so after I graduate, I’ll get a job but many pro poker players earn quite a lot like 50 dollars after playing for an hour. So is it worth the effort and time or do most people don’t have a chance?

admin answers:

Bottom line, most people do NOT have a chance!

„Is playing on-line poker a good way to earn money?“ Sure it is, for those very few people who know how to do it profitably! You are not one of them, nor will you likely be after reading a few books and practicing.

MANY a college student RUINED their chance at any sort of good life because they foolishly thought they could use on-line poker as a source of income! Of course you’ve heard the stories of those people who put themselves through college by playing poker. That’s because THOSE are the stories people like to tell. Those are the stories people remember. Those stories are FEW and far between!

I hear stories every day about the poor sap who can’t graduate now because he lost all his money. I hear stories all the time about the idiots who drop out because they couldn’t focus on their schoolwork anymore because of their poker playing.

Believe me – you don’t want to be one of those people. That is MUCH, MUCH more likely to happen than you making money by playing poker.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s the fool who believes it is, and it is the fool who is parted with their money. Don’t play that part. Work hard and you will be rewarded.


Good answer, Vegas Matt. Yes, I am being a bit over dramatic as I sometimes am.

Joseph asks…

Why Is There No Place To Play Strip Poker On The Las Vegas Strip?

Went to Vegas recently. Was wondering why no place in Vegas does Strip Poker? Dont you have to be 21 to gamble? Everyone is an adult. Even nudie clubs you only have to be 18. Cant places have a room someplace closed off? Maybe you can get your clothes back even when finished who knows.

admin answers:

There are multiple reasons you can not play strip poker on the Las Vegas strip. All Casinos are regulated by Local, State, and Federal Government and fall under the jurisdiction of multiple agencies such as the local Sheriffs Department, local Police Department, ATF, Gaming, Health Department and the FBI. I imagine none of the agencies recognize „Strip Poker“ as Gaming. Liquor laws restrict nudity in terms of licensing. A casino might have a license to serve alcohol that does not include nudity where as a strip club has a different type of liquor license for serving liquor in combination with nudity where as other strip clubs are only able to serve beer and wine but not hard liquor but can provide nudity. All liquor licenses have different classifications, regulations and Tax assessments. The closest thing to having strip poker on the Las Vegas strip would require a Casino leasing space to a strip club management company and the management company attaining it’s own licensing, tax stamp, providing it’s own alcohol and administering it’s own Gaming such a strip poker.

Sharon asks…

What is the chinese symbol on a red poker chip on Phil Hellmuth’s UB Jersey?

On his black jersey–right shoulder. There is a red poker chip above a patch that looks like All in Poker. What is the Chinese symbol?
I found out it is from All In Energy Drink’s website–what does the symbol mean?

admin answers:

The symbol on the All In Energy Drink’s website is:
氣, Qi (pronounced chee), which means „energy flow“.

Here is an image of three All In Energy Drink cans:

The artwork on the All In Energy Drink cans has a flaming poker chip,
dragon in the background and Chinese character “Qi”.

All In Energy Drink (website requires Flash Player):

The literal translation is „air,“ „breath,“ or „gas“,
but it is frequently translated as „energy flow“.

chi also ch’i or Qi or qi (chē)
n. The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought
to be inherent in all things. The unimpeded circulation of chi
and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body are
held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine.

Mary asks…

What are the best offers in poker bonus?

I am not much familiar with the online casino business and do not have much experience regarding the casino bonus. i have heard that not all online poker bonuses require you to enter special bonus code. So please explain the best offers in poker bonus. Thanks.

admin answers:

All the sites have very generous bonus offers and you don’t need codes. The average bonus is 100% up to $600 which means they will match your initial deposit in bonus money up to $600 so if you deposit $100 you get $100 in bonus money and if you deposit $600 you get $600 in bonus money. It does look like Lock Poker offers a 200% bonus up to $4,000 so that appears to be the best especially if you live in the United States because Americans can play on that site. I wouldn’t just join a site because of their bonus offer though as a site with the 100% bonus up to $600 is very good. All this said if you don’t know a player doesn’t just get the bonus money automatically, they have to work for it. For example if I deposited $100 and got the $100 bonus I need to play in real money games with my initial $100 and over time the bonus is released in intervals like $10 at a time. Most players will have to deposit 2-3 times to clear out the full bonus as most will lose their initial deposit long before the full bonus is cleared out.

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