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Sandy asks…

POKEMON: Pokerus and Macho Brace? – EV training?


I have been training my Abra on Pokemon Sapphire. I recently read a guide for EV training and it said that if my pokemon has pokerus and a macho brace, that it would earn up to at least 4 EVs. I have been training my Abra (that has pokerus and macho brace) to max out it’s special attack. ( I already used 10 vitamins).
I fought Spinda to raise my special attack, but I’m unsure how many how Spindas I have to defeat to max it out. I first thought it was 63, since that is what the guide said.
But playing on Sapphire, I realized you can get 2 evs (instead of 1 from Spinda) from fighting Lunatone. Knowing this, how many Lunatones would I have to kill in order to max out my special attack? To my knowledge, I’ve already fought 41 before my Pokerus wore off last night, so how many would I have to defeat to max it out? Still 63, like I would need to for Spinda, or do I have to start EV training again?

PS: I’ve already fought 6 Whismur (for my 6 hp), and next I’ll need to raise my speed (defeating Linoone and Manectric) – how many Linoone/Manectric will I have to kill to max out my speed?

Thanks for your help in advance!
I hope you can understand this. xD

admin answers:

Pokerus doesn’t wear off it just loses it’s ability to spread over time, so just because it no longer says PKRS doesn’t mean the pokerus is gone.

By the looks of it your EV training in Sp.Atk is done. You got 10 EVs per vitamin and 4 EV’s per Lunatone with pokerus.

10 vitamins=100 EVs
41 Lunatones=164 EVs
Total Sp.Atk EVs=264

Since the max EV’s one stat can have is 255, you would have finished about 2 Lunatones ago.

To max out speed by defeating Manectric you will need to defeat 64 of them.

P.S:I forgot to take macho brace into account (which doubles normal amount EVs) so the amount you need to defeat should be half as much.

Hope this helps

EDIT: Wait! I also forgot to mention that EV increasing effects will stack up. For example: 2 EVs for defeating a pokemon-then pokerus doubles that which gives you 4-then macho brace doubles that which gives you 8.

Ruth asks…

My pokemon are above level 50, does will pokerus and the macho brace help their stats?

Hi, I’m currently playing pokemon black. i’ve been doing some ev training with the macho brace and my pokemon are at in the 50’s now. I was wondering if giving them pokerus would help them obtain better stats even now after most of their stats wont take any of the vitamins anymore.

Ex: My Jellicent is lvl 50
hp= 175
Att= 84
Def= 82
Sp. A=103
Sp. D=143
Spd= 99

Now, i want to increase it’s speed and defenses. would pokerus be able to help?

admin answers:

It depends on how many EVs it has currently gathered, but my guess is that you have already spent all its EVs while leveling it up. Vitamins can only be used when having less than 100 EVs in the matching stat, yet the maximum amount of effective EVs for a certain stat is 252, so that doesn’t say much.
So: what are its current EVs? If it is not fully EV trained yet PokéRus would give the normal effect of doubling the amount of Effort Values gained, as long as the stat hasn’t reached its maximum yet.

Carol asks…

pokemon white: how do i get my sp. def up with macho brace?

i have a musharna level 1 nature sassy, macho brace, pokerus
starting stats hp 13, atk 6 def 6, sp.atk 7, sp.def 6, speed 4
1st thing that i did was train musharna nature sassy with pokerus in giant chasm. i got him to level 30 stats are hp 110, atk 47, def 58, sp. atk 74, sp. def 70, speed 21
2nd thing that i did was train him with same nature with pokerus in giant chasm, but i gave him macho brace and his stats stayed almost the same hp 112, atk 48, def 58, sp. atk 74, sp. def 70, speed 23
is there something i’m doing wrong and does the location matter for stats

admin answers:

You’re supposed to EV Train it right when you get the Pokemon. Now that you’ve raised it, it might already have all the EVs. And I suggest to kill Gothiritas. With Pokerus and Macho Brace, they give off 8 EVs. And EV Training in Black/White is different, you’re not supposed to see the effects in Black/White. It used to be that your Pokemon would get all the EVs upon leveling up. Now it happens after every battle.

Lisa asks…

Pokemon Macho Brace questions..?

I’m currently ev training a froslass and I’ve EV trained PLENTY others to understand the key points of ev training. But my question is, pokerus doubles ev’s, so if the pokemon I’m ev training ( Froslass ) Is holding exp share it gets the evs from the pokemon battled doubled due to pokerus. But what if i put it front in my party with the macho brace and pokerus and switched it out to another pokemon. Would it get just x2 from pokerus or x4 from pokerus and macho brace? I don’t hack, first time with pokerus. Got it EV training. Thanks…
froslass doesn’t kill the pokemon, the switched one does.

admin answers:

It’ll get 4X with the Macho Brace and Pokerus

John asks…

pokemon ss anklets or macho brace and why?

hey so i was just wondering which is better for ev yield, the anklets or the macho brace.
i will not be using pokerus or whatever.
i heard macho brace doubles your ev yield while the anklets x4 it? is this true? thankyou.
please explain why? do their yeild 4 ev instead of 2?

admin answers:

It depends. If you want to raise the attack, Go with the Macho Brace. If you want to increase speed, go with the anklet.

None have answered this quite right yet.


Macho Brace doubles the amount of Effort Points you recieve from the opponent’s pokemon, saving you time in maxing out your Effort Points by reducing the number of battles you have to fight. The disadvantage is, that it reduces your speed by half while you’re wearing it, so the speed reduction is NOT PERMANENT.

This explains why Muffin Man’s Breloom can’t keep up and Carbonite4’s Sceptile can’t take vitamins, his Effort Points are likely to be maxed or close to being maxed.

(the opposite with anklet….speed goes up more with it.)

Soooooo…it depends on your opinion.

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