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Jenny asks…

What should be the chip ratio in a $10 home poker tournament?

trying to design a $10 home poker tournament but i don’t know what the chip ratio should be at the start? we have appx. 5 players playing. e.g should there be 10 50c coins…. 20 20c coins ect. we wanna be playing for over an hour.. 1-2 hours
should we use poker chips or coins?

admin answers:

I would say chips are definately better for playing poker, much easier to handle. If you are playing a tournament this site:, will tell you how to run a home game tournament. If you are playing a cash game with each of you having around $10, then you should play with blinds of 5 cents/10 cents and you could use nickles, quarters, and dollars as chip denominations.

Laura asks…

how is poker different from other forms of gambling?

I’m giving a speech on how poker is different from other forms of gambling. I already have on main point on how poker is a game of skill and it can be beaten. but i need two more points on how poker is different from other forms of gambling. help?

admin answers:

I understand what you’re asking.

Point #2 – Poker is not played against the „House“ (the casino). Rather, poker is played against other opponents.

Point #3 – Take a game like Roulette. You can NOT „get better“ at playing roulette. Even something like Blackjack – You CAN „get better“ at Blackjack, but only to the point at which you are playing „Perfect Strategy“. In other words, once you are playing Blackjack in the absolute BEST way mathematically speaking, you can no longer get any better at the game. With Poker, however, a person can practice and study and hone their skills. You can always „get better“ at Poker, but not at most other gambling games.

James asks…

How do I turn my Dining Room into a game room? I have a poker table table for the center.?

So I would like to turn it into a game room for adults to fellowship while playing games and cards.. I have a super nice poker table. What else would I need?

admin answers:

Small folding side tables for snacks and drinks are good…even if the poker table has drinkholders built in, keeping them off the table altogether is best…nothing can ruin a game faster than a spilled drink all over the felt. Sideboards for storing cards, chips and such help too.

Lisa asks…

How to become a great poker player?

I was wanting to know the qualities of a great poker player. Any tips how to become great?

admin answers:

Learn how to bluff your way through a game. Learn body language and use this to your advantage. For example know when to lie and pretend your nervous when you are really doing great.
Or act confident when your doing bad. Fake it till you make it.
Know this and you can win. The best poker players are very clever in their knowledge of the game and their opponents body language signals. Keep practicing 🙂

Steven asks…

Is it a form of cheating watching girls get naked at parties or playing strip poker?

Isn’t it pretty disrespectful to watch and enjoy other girls getting naked and drunk and putting on a show? Playing strip poker seems like a form of cheating too. What do you think?

admin answers:

Not necessarily. Some call that entertainment. I mean if he watches girls and doesn’t touch them, and then comes home and „nails“ you, as in it gets him all excited, then I suppose he’s always going to come to you for the main event.

Honestly, its not healthy for you as a couple, unless of course you’re a participant playing strip poker with her.

My best advice is, if you’re going to do something like this, better clear the air about it first. A gal can get mighty upset about her man going out and playing strip poker with loose women who make bad choices.

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