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Steven asks…

How can I make a roulette board and/or a poker board?

I’m hosting a party in October so I have plenty of time to try and make these. We usually play poker at my parties and everyone seems to enjoy them so I want to take it to the next level and make a roulette and poker table making it a sort of casino night. Any ideas would be awesome.

admin answers:

You probably could make these out of cardboard and markers if you really wanted. However, they sell ‚roll out‘ table tops. In other words, it looks like the entire roulette board or poker table or blackjack table, but it’s made out of cloth. You roll it out on a table and you’re good to go.

If it’s a big deal party, it would probably be worth the few bucks you’ll spend.

Below are a couple ideas from a site called the Gambler’s General Store. It’s a big place in Vegas.

(I have nothing to do with the store. Search around for similar products elsewhere.)


Cool site, Andrew! Be sure to check out the link he gave.

Nancy asks…

What is the best program that tells stats about online poker?

I’m looking for a program that would be sepereate from the actual poker program so I can click what i have on my hands and whats on the table so it can give my percent of winning

admin answers:

I believe Poker Tracker is the most popular.

Richard asks…

Where can I find passwords for poker freerolls?

As above, i’m looking for websites that can link me to passwords for freerolls on poker sites, any ideas?

admin answers:

Freerolls requiring passwords are usually organised by private forums and the passwords are distributed to their members.

My favourite site for private freerolls is they have freerolls at least once a week and also give out extra bonus prizes on their forum.

There is also a freeroll password delivery service where they email you the passwords so you can register >

The benefit of playying in private freerolls, is less players and more chances to win.
Hope this helps

Mary asks…

Where do I gamble online now that pokers stars and Full Tilt are gone?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows where to gamble online at poker or anything else online. I need to fill that void somehow!!! Help please?

admin answers:

As mentioned above, Cake Poker is a good option. It is a smaller room, but like all the smaller rooms open to US players it will be seeing immense growth.
Other options are Carbon and Lock poker (both same network, I recommend Carbon). Carbon is one of the top choices of American players impacted by the lawsuit, and have representatives actively taking recommendations from the community as to how to make the site better. If you are not familiar with, it is a poker forum website, and there are Carbon representatives taking ideas from a ton of site members (all trying to get Carbon molded around the successes of Stars and FTP).

Another option that may be a really good choice for you is Sportsbook. It has the highest deposit acceptance rate of any poker site. You said „gamble online at poker or anything else“. Sportsbook is just that, as you can place bets on sporting events through their sportsbook (also can be done with a mobile phone). They also have a casino with blackjack and other casino games, as well as poker tables. Their tables will also be seeing an increase in people playing at them, and often feature inexperienced players who were just on the site for placing bets.

Which ever site you choose, you will have a good time with. None of them will be as good as Full Tilt or Stars but they will do well while the two of them are banned along with UB.

Ken asks…

What are some good poker site with a few advance player.?

Hi, I been playing poker at alot of site now, I am a beginner. Is there any good poker site with few advance player? In addition to that are there any poker site that allow me to bet on sports also?

admin answers:

One of the places I started on (recently as a matter of fact) was Sportsbook. It has a wide variety of difficulty levels and players. If you’re just looking for straight newbie sites, Pitbull Poker and Carbon Poker. I played those rooms and I guess since they are newer, they have less players overall.

The site I went to that broke it down pretty simply was It has a general breakdown of the sites with difficulty levels and lists the sites with the sign on bonuses and welcome bonuses (free money is never bad!!! =)

Be safe playing out there, and be sure to play only on reputable sites! I learned that the hard way very quickly!

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