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William asks…

Where do i buy poker chips in Milwaukee?

I would like to purchase a set of poker chips that isn’t the generic solid one color chip set found at places like walmart target walgreens ect…

Milwaukee, WI preferably close to downtown/lakefront/eastside area.

admin answers:

These guys are the experts

Hope that helps!

Charles asks…

where and when did the game poker start?

I would like to know when and where the card game poker originated.

admin answers:

I’ve been heavily involved in poker for many years. I have read quite a few books and studied the subject thoroughly. The answer to your question is simply that no one knows for sure. There are a few theories about it.

I’ve read that it has originated from India, France, and China. Similar games were found in various places around the globe and the historians aren’t sure which one actually evolved into poker.

Michael asks…

Who thinks poker stars cards are programmed?

Ive noticed in poker stars that everytime i win (fake) money in poker stars i lose it by losing on better hands all the time? Who thinks poker stars is programmed to get all the fake money back by making your hand good, but then having it lose to a horrible hand? And who has managed to win and keep their money?

admin answers:

Losing players think online (and live) poker is rigged.

Sandy asks…

How do you delete yourself off of zynga poker on yahoo?

I would like to delete myself off of zynga poker and go in under another name. How can I do this?

admin answers:

I’m not sure if you can do that because I think a user name is registered with your account. If you want another user name, maybe you need to use another account. How about trying to play in poker clubs instead like It’s a lot more realistic.

David asks…

On average, how much does a poker machine owner make in a month or a year?

On average, how much does a poker machine owner make in a month or a year? Like in Kentucky.

admin answers:

It depends on the amount of play the machine gets, the stakes & the commission.

Typically a poker machine in the USA will have a 1-3% commission charge, meaning for every $100 put in it will pay out $95-$99

Machines in some bars get played by regulars all the time but some others will get played once or twice a week at most.

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