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Linda asks…

where did the game of poker originate and why is it called poker?

where and when and why is it called poker?

admin answers:

I remeber reading in a book called „poker Nation“ by andy bellin (great book by the way, improved my game a hundredfold) that it was a a mixture of two card games, one a spanish game known as As, the other Poken. Over time the two were probaly confused by someone and became pokas and years later poker

Daniel asks…

What is the best poker site for US players to go on now?

Since there is no more PokerStars, or FullTiltPoker or Absolute Poker… I want a site that has the largest tournaments and offers the best quality for US players.

admin answers:

Hands down, IMO Bovada is currently the best site for US players.

David asks…

How come I can not play online poker?

I am trying to play online poker in yahoo. I have my pop-up blocker off. I pick my lounge and it downloads. After it downloads I have a blank screen. Can someone help me?

admin answers:

Try using a backdoor site like shove-it – if that doesnt work it could be your firewall blocking it,

shove it almost always works though,they usually get you right in with no problems
(shoveit can be found on under social sites

also for some good poker tips if you are interested

Mary asks…

Does online poker make u feel like a losing poker player because of all the suck outs?

because of the lucky draws they get constantly,i dont get to the final table much,there for my poker player stats go down hill. when i feel i play better than the stats about you?

admin answers:

From reading this it’s probably the case that you’re overplaying your hands, and some of this might be improper strategy and some might be frustration. For example players to push too much and only have a minor edge against some „inferior“ hands will regularly be hitting the road because of „suckouts.“ For example if you go all in with a 60/40 edge twice you’re going to be going out 64% of the time and it doesn’t require anything other than normal probability on the part of your opponents to do it. In addition folks tend to feel entitled to win every hand when they have a „better“ starting hand and start playing badly when they don’t.

The bottom line is that the quality of your play and the luck part are two entirely different things and if you play your best you will do your best and over time your luck or the luck of your opponents has nothing to do with it. As for the suckouts the fact people win these hands is the ONLY reason you can make money at poker because if everyone played well everyone would lose other than the house with the rake.

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Joseph asks…

Is there anything special about Chinese playing cards and Chinese poker?

Is there anything special about Chinese playing cards and Chinese poker? How and where can I get more on this?

admin answers:

For rules, images, hand rankings and examples of play, have a look at

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