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Lizzie asks…

how many kinds of poker are there?

I see a lot of poker games in facebook. What do you normally play or what’s the most popular?

admin answers:

The four most common and popular poker games you’ll find in casinos are:
No Limit Holdem
7 Card Stud

5 Card Draw is what you see in old westerns. There are hundreds of other varieties. There are many sites that list various versions. You might want to check out:

Chris asks…

If you play video poker, 10 games at a time and you are dealt 3 aces and two other cards with you first five c?

If you play video poker, 10 games at a time and you are dealt 3 aces and two other cards with you first five cards. You have the opportunity to thorw away cards and draw to receive ne ones. If your goal is to get Four Aces, you ecide to keep the three aces an throw away the other two cards and draw for two new ones. How many times out of ten would you expect to hit the fourth ace?

how to do simulation with a TI 84?

admin answers:

After your first 5 cards are drawn there remain 52 – 5 = 47 cards left in the deck and only one of these is an ace.

After discarding the two cards there are two ways that you can get the 4th ace. Either the first card drawn is the ace and the second card is a non ace OR the first card drawn is a non ace and the second card is the 4th ace.
The probability of ace then non-ace = 1/47 * 46/46 = 1/47
(If the ace is first (1/47) there remain 46 cards in the deck and all 46 are non-aces, therefore the probability that a non ace is drawn second = 46/46)
The probability of non-ace then ace = 46/47 * 1/46 = 1/47
(on the first draw there are 46 cards out of the 47 that are non-aces and on the second draw after one card has been dealt there remain 46 cards in the pack and only one is an ace)

Therefore as either of these scenarios would give you the desired result ADD the individual probabilities together 1/47 + 1/47 = 2/47 or 0.04255 to 5 decimal places

Therefore in 10 games you would expect to hit the 4th ace 10 * 0.04255 times
= 0.4255 ie not even once in ten games
It comes out at 4.255 times per 100 games

Daniel asks…

Poker game snacks? Best answer will be prepared for real?

I host a card game every two weeks and I always prepare some sort of snack. The game has been going for about 1.5 years and I have repeated recipes only a couple of times. Now, I am running out of ideas. Here are a few restrictions for the suggestions:

– No curry. It makes one of the regular players sick

– I usually include some sort of meat and vegetable in the snack although this restriction is negotiable if you have a really good suggestion.

– The snack needs to be consumable without utensils and shouldn’t get the players‘ hands messy (it’s a card game!)

– The preparation of the snack must involve applying heat to food (i.e., genuine cooking).

– The cost must be modest. I defray some but not all of the costs of these snacks.

As I indicated earlier, I will prepare the winning snack for my card game for real and report on how it went.

Good luck and may the best snack win.

admin answers:

How about stuff on skewers? Like tandoori chicken. I found a site that lists a bunch of finger foods and there also homemade meat and cheese „pockets“ that don’t seem too greasy, as well. Could you put messier things on toothpicks and have that work?

Are dips ok? You could make hot cheese dip (like queso) to dip pretzels, bread sticks or raw veggies in.

The shells that people use to make mini quiches would be useful to hold all kinds of meat, cheese, vegetable combos.

Michael asks…

Is playing poker with your friends illegal?

Is it legal for kids to play poker games at a friend’s house for like $20 dollar buy-ins with like 12 people?? (i don’t do this, just wondering)


admin answers:

No, I LOL’D, hell no, not even if your playing for money, theres no law stating that you cant play poker, even for money. A baby can do it lol. I use to play people for money in pool, dont worry, its like monapoly, just a game…

Maria asks…

What’s a good title about the Old West?

It has to do with the old west and a poker game so I was thinking Poker in the Old West but that seems kind of boring and won’t draw people in. Any suggestions?
Maybe Old West Riches?

admin answers:

Old West Riches, sounds good. Treasures of the West, The West Jewels, and Ornaments of the West

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