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Joseph asks…

Where is the best place to play online cash poker?

As the title says. I want an honest, reputable, easy to cash-out place to play cash on-line poker in USD.

admin answers:

There are quite good options to play online mostly in the case of poker. Some of the famous are:-

# full tilt
# poker stars
#bodog poker
And all these casinos accept US players.
These are the famous one but you can view more of those that accepts US players on here you can get more casinos listing.

Sandy asks…

Is „Professional Poker Player“ considered a real profession in the UK?

Can you legally be a professional Poker Player in the UK? Is it considered a trade? If so are you entitled to benefits when not earning?

admin answers:

Don’t know whether there is any term named legal professional poker player. But you can be a professional poker player. But this is not a safe profession. You could loose at any position. At any time a better player can come and can beat you.
So do make poker as a profession, but always make a backup profession also.

John asks…

What can help me at my poker challenge ?

I want to put on tasks to do at online poker, and i wanted to ask if there is something similar to Full Tilt Poker Academy that can help me with my tasks ?

admin answers:

Post on the 2+2 poker forums, a wealth of information there. Look for ppl playing a similar level/game/style to yourself.

Sweat a few sessions for each other and you’ll both develop together given that you’ll prob have similar goals.

Also, If you’re a beginner check out, thats a site aimed completely at beginners playing the smallest stakes.

Jenny asks…

How can I battle poker addiction?

I have a poker addiction and school stats on tueday. Any advice on how to battle the addiction and focus on academics? Thanks.

admin answers:

Stop playing poker and stop whining.
If you played poker that well,
you wouldn’t need school.

Lizzie asks…

Is playing online poker illegal in Washington State?

Hi, I recently moved to Washington State and I heard that online poker gambling is illegal. Is this true? Do people do it anyways and get around it?

admin answers:

The law is for the banks, this means they are not allowed to let people deposit into gambling sites. So this cant hurt you in any way. There is no law that prohibits online gambling. You however have to use different deposit method and there is for example all access visa gift card which works with gambling sites like fulltilt poker – For more info go to

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