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George asks…

Which poker forums do you recommend?

I’ve decided to improve my poker game as much as possible and I’ve read that many professional players used discussions on poker forums to improve their game. Which forums would you recommend, and how exactly do you use them to become a better player?

admin answers:

2+2 or pocket5’s….

It all depends on what level of poker you’re currently at and properly assessing that level. A great majority of players would learn a lot more about poker by picking up a few good poker books. Forums are filled with a lot of non-sense and the less you know about poker the harder it will be to sift through what is helpful and what isn’t. Of course, occasionally you can get into a decent discussion by posting a hand you’re unsure of what to do and you’ll see a lot of different views on how to proceed in the given hand. To me, it would be a lot more useful to have at least one but preferably a couple decent/good players sift through your metrics(VPIP,PFR,AF,3bet,ATS,CBet Flop, etc.) via your hand histories and tell you where you can improve.

Mandy asks…

Where can I find a single player poker game?

I’m just learning and dont want to actually play multiplayer yet. I tried playing on yahoo and sort of get impatient with some people when I’m trying to understand the game through actual experience since I already read how to play. Thanks!

admin answers:

Try here

Maria asks…

Is betting sexual favors considered prostitution?

I know this is very kinky and a lot of people may disapprove, but please try not to judge. All I am trying to find out is if this is legal or not. I am having a home poker game and the winner gets me (sexually). People will be paying to play, but the money goes to the winner. I won’t be getting any money out of it. I know home gambling is technically illegal, I am just concerned about the sexual part. Does anyone know whether or not this is legal? Thanks!

admin answers:

Prostitution is paying someone to have sex with you or engage in sexual acts. Since all the cash goes to the winner, no one is really paying you. However there is money involved so its a fine line. Since it’s happening in your home there really isn’t anything that can be done but since you are probably making this publicly known through whatever means you are using there might be some people who don’t approve. But as long as the house isn’t making a profit then its not illegal.

I wouldn’t advertise the prize the winner gets. Just ask him to stay around discreetly after the game. Or set up another time for the winner to claim his real prize.

Carol asks…

What do you buy a man that already has everything?

My boyfriend is a very hard to shop for person. Christmas is coming up and I have no idea what to get him. He pretty much already has everything that he needs. He loves poker, video games,football and mountain dew. He already has a few poker sets, all the video games he needs and I already got him a mountain dew and football gift. I’m completely out of ideas. HELP!

admin answers:

I would give him something meaningful.

Paint a canvas for him, for instance. Maybe a locket watch with a picture of you inside?

Lizzie asks…

why didn’t god create bear grylls in time for WWII to help the jews survive in the holocaust?

and if god could open the waters for moses after he escaped the egyptians, why couldn’t god have opened the concentration camp gates for the jews? what, was he trapped in a poker game with satan for 6 years?

admin answers:

The camera crew behind him would be a dead givaway to the nazis.

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