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Maria asks…

Since when does a royal flush beat a high card?

>.> I think my poker game is screwed up.

admin answers:

Really, i have the same problem with mine.

Sandy asks…

how do you cheat at red dead remdemption poker?

i have the elegant suit on and im in a poker game right now and theres no cheat option
i have xbox 360 btw gt: i R0Ck D0M3Z
how do i deal the cards?

admin answers:

You have to deal the card’s in order to cheat.

William asks…

Is hosting a poker game without rake legal in Illinois?

I would like to host a poker game amongst friends. The stakes are low/medium, but wanted to know the legalilty.

admin answers:

Generally a small stakes poker game among friends is fine in most states. The problems come when you either invite strangers to the game or charge a rake.

Lizzie asks…

How much would one of Annie Oakley’s guns be worth?

It is one of a set of handguns Doc Butler gave her as a wedding present, not sure exactly how it came to be in my husband’s family, possibly through a poker game way back when, or was stolen. I know that sounds bad! But I’m curious if it would be worth anything, it has her initials engraved on it.

admin answers:

There is much involved in tracing a guns history with out concrete documentation. Read this to gain some understanding of how complex this can be;

What you need to do is have it examined by several expert historical gun appraisers before you commit to sell. You may have the real deal or not. Sometimes this can be a frustrating search.

Gather any and all paper work or history in the family relating to the gun.

But make damn sure you check out their references. You would be shocked at how many have been ripped off.

Good luck and I hope you do have the real deal.

IF its the real deal its worth thousands.

Jenny asks…

How to cheer up someone after they’ve lost in a poker game?

My boyfriend plays online poker and sometimes he doesn’t win he gets upset and I don’t really know what to say to cheer him up because he lost money and I don’t play poker so I don’t know how it feels. What can I say to make him feel better? Or should I not say anything and just listen if He has something to say? I just hate when I don’t have advice to give.
This may be a stupid question but It’s worth a try. I don’t like it when my boyfriend is upset 🙁

admin answers:

Most people that are highly competitive – often times when they lose – they dont want to be around people – they are in STEAM mode – lol and anything can often set them off

its often best to give them an hour to so – to moan and complain about how they got shafted – even if it was totally their fault….lol

most people come around after the steam wears off…lol then they realize they were being difficult or stupid and they usually come around!

Good Luck:)

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