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Mandy asks…

What are ways that US poker players can deposit into Poker Stars?

So what are some ways that US poker players can deposit into Poker Stars?

admin answers:

Prepaid credit cards
Bank Draft
Cashier’s Check
Money Order

Best way is echecks, then next best, access prepaid visa.

King Cobra Poker

Joseph asks…

what should i buy my bf for his 24th bday? he’s into modifying cars and trucks and poker?

he’s into modifying cars and trucks and poker. he does factory work and is pretty laid back.

admin answers:

Can’t help you on the car or truck mods – although I’d have to say I would be very impressed if my girl bought me a car mod for my bday!

Poker there are a lot of stuff available from gimicky stuff to full blown poker sets, poker tables, clothing and so on. Not sure what your budget is but Paulson chips are very popular at the moment although on the pricey side, otherwise has great prices on chip sets and tables.

Good luck!

Betty asks…

Is there anything special about Chinese playing cards and Chinese poker?

Is there anything special about Chinese playing cards and Chinese poker? How and where can I get more on this?

admin answers:

There is no such thing as Chinese playing cards (with regards to Chinese poker). Chinese poker is played with an ordinary poker deck. 52 cards: 4 suits, 13 ranks (deuce to Ace).

Wikipedia has most of what you need to know about the game.

Linda asks…

Is becoming a professional poker player a good idea?

I am currently 16 and thinking of jobs i would want, i know it is stupid but i do not want to go to college. I was thinking about getting into poker after talking to someone saying how much money they made from it, is it a good way to make money, and also would i be capable of become professional if committed as much time as a normal job would take (8 hours a day) of getting better at it every day.

admin answers:

Becoming a professional poker player is a hard thi to do. Read this article at

Charles asks…

Will there be a new moneymaker type era if poker comes back to America?

The average player is getting better and it’s getting tougher to make real money. Will bringing online poker back to America bring in a huge influx of new players like 2003?

admin answers:

No, I just don’t see it happening. I wouldn’t say Moneymaker was the reason I started playing but that’s when my friends started having games and then people I had never seen before kept coming to play to. About that time I also played in a few of those fun tournaments at bars during the middle of the week and the turnout surprised me I remember. Also before 2003 Poker coverage is something I never saw on TV and by 2004 it was on all the time when Raymer won plus other events were covered. Anyway people saw Chris win and thought hey I can do that to, most who thought they could get to that level or near it didn’t come close but a lot of these guys you are seeing on TV and the couple thousand successful online players that the average poker fan has never heard of did. I just don’t see anything happening in poker that will cause half the impact that the Moneymaker effect did. By the way online poker never left America, a couple of the big sites did but I know it only took me a couple weeks after they did to figure out sites like Carbon Poker were around. Carbon Poker, Bovada Poker, Lock Poker, and America’s Cardroom among others are no PokerStars but they are effective.

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