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Charles asks…

This question regards the Iraq spending. Could someone briefly describe the process for making a bill the law?

The House of Representatives passed an Iraq spending bill last week.

The Senate just passed a different spending bill.

Do they now get together and finalize a bill that both House and Senate sign off on, and then send that to the President?

And, if the President doesn’t sign it (which he won’t – he already said he is the decider, and he has decided he won’t allow a bill that requires a timeline), do the troops whither away and starve? What happens?

And why are the politicians using the troops as chips in a poker game? That is disgraceful (on both sides), in my opinion.

admin answers:

Yes, they get together in a conference committee and make a compromise bill, and both houses must pass that one again.

If the President doesn’t sign it, and the previous year’s funding expires, Congress would likely pass a quick resolution extending last year’s funding – or they may have already made that automatic. But if there were ever a case where the troops were officially defunded, the President would likely just keep spending the money with the expectation that Congress will approve it. They wouldn’t just stop what they’re doing or not get paid and fed.

As for being chips, well, this is the only leverage Congress has to get Bush moving on this war. Trying to bring them home isn’t really using them as chips in a poker game, it’s trying to get them home.

William asks…

Anybody else getting this message when tryin to play mobsters?

Out takin‘ care of some business. Mobsters will be back soon…
In the meantime, try your hand at Poker Palace The best poker game on MySpace! Fun & Easy!

admin answers:


Sandy asks…

Do most American people secretly attend sexual parties where people do what they show on?

girls gone wild and strip poker such games?

I have never been to such party, am i a dork?
Now that i realize this i feel like i missed out on a huge part of life!

admin answers:

Are you kidding? Americans are some of the most frigid people on the planet! Some of them actually believe that their kids will develop a mental disorder if they see a naked person on tv. (I asked why they censored so much television, and that was the jist of the answer an american gave me. No kidding.)

Think about it: what ever you see on american tv and movies, do they ever match it in the newspapers? They fight LGBT, they fight BDSM (an other „mental disorder“ according to some american psychologists), they still teach against sex education, most don’t even have an accurate understanding of how the body works. Boys think women look like toy dolls which they strip to see. Americans are NOT sexual.

The parties do happen occasionally, but they are usually more about drunken college students burning off their brain cells, than about sex. Louisiana really does have women who take off their tops for beads. The girls gone wild bus shows up in advance to take applicants and signatures and to check ID. Most women in usa are too ashamed of their bodies, so the bus actually travels around looking for women to do this.

Most americans only have sex a few times a month. The „lucky“ ones brag about a few times a week. Many are completely without sex because it’s „wrong“ or „immoral“

Sharon asks…

Do any of you think you are smart enough to run the USA?

Love to get them in a poker game. What a bunch of losers, they have to steal, lobby and/or talk the under 60 IQ bunch out of their money.

admin answers:


But running 50 states is a Herculean job. That’s why the government has so many agencies and advisers.

No one person can do it alone.

Helen asks…

Does anyone know why my computer freezes regularly when I am playing the Zynga poker game on myspace?

Not only does the game freezes, it also loses connection to the server as well. Is there a way to minimize this, as I cannot get to play a full game at any one time.

admin answers:

Learn how to stop freezing here:

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