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Daniel asks…

How does this sound as a break-off line?

I said break-off, because we were never actually together to break up:

„I’m not going to make it by tonight. While I do enjoy your company in a social setting (poker, games, sports etc.) I’m not interested in anything more than that. I’ve been seeing someone and I feel it’s only fair that I commit myself fully to them and respect everyone involved. I hope you understand.“
@Originator—Bitter aren’t we? How many times have you been given the „Dear John“ letter—LMAO!

admin answers:

I would also add after the part, (…sports, etc.,) AND consider you a wonderful friend, as I hope you feel the same about me, but … THEN continue with what you have written, which I think is very nicely done.

But the part I included helps soften the blow a bit. It gives him a small compliment. So hopefully, no hard feeling will be left, and he will feel he can call on you as a friend.

David asks…

Does America Need A New President whose Atuned to People and More Concerned About Economy Rather Than Islamo?

The Stock Market is suffering huge losses this week with the Dow down 315 points today or 2.5.% drop. So Mr. Smart wanted people gamble their social security retirement in the stock poker game.
Wart why did u post?

admin answers:

Here’s a news could put your money into secured government bonds and make more money than the interest rate you currently get on social security.and you wouldn’t have to invest if you didn’t want to. I think i can do better with long term options than the government ever could.

Laura asks…

What are the laws on gambling?

I live in florida and am wanting to host me poker games and other casino games at a pad. Does law enforcement make gambling into a big deal. I know cops in my town that do it. Never hear about any houses getting raided.

admin answers:

While technically illegal in all municipalities I’m aware of in FL, you’re unlikely to get raided just for poker unless you’re talking more than just a couple of tables. The more people, the more traffic and noise and the higher the possibility of someone taking notice. If you’re also planning casino games and such, you’re upping the possibility a lot. The local cops may tend to turn a blind eye to a small bunch of poker players, but start setting up roulette wheels and such and it’s a different story.

Ken asks…

What does Big Blind and Small Blind mean?

I play a poker game on my Blackberry called Texas Hold’em King LIVE and I’ve noticed that it’ll say that one person is Big Blind and one is Small Blind. It doesn’t appear to affect anything and you don’t have the option to choose to be one of these.

Someone told me it means you force a bet, or something? I don’t understand.
When you’re one of the two, you can still see all the cards dealt to the table like everyone else.

admin answers:

Generally, you don’t ‚choose‘ to be in the blinds. The blinds move around the table as the dealer button does. The big and small blinds are forced bets made by 2 players prior to receiving cards. This helps build the pot by requiring anyone wanting to see the flop must (at a minimum) call the big blind.

George asks…

Where can I find a free php script for a betting system?

I am trying to make a poker game online but I can’t get the betting to work properly any suggestions?

admin answers:

Try in

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