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Donna asks…

Are the hole cards in online poker truely random?

I have lost count of the time I have seen 2 or 3 players at he same table all with pocket pairs.
Three times this week I have had AK suited only to find one player at the same table with pocket Aces and another with pocket Qs or poket Ks. This never happens to me in live poker.
I am not accusing any one site of cheating , but has the hole card distrubution on poker sites been manipulated to encourage more action play?

admin answers:

They do seem to be different from live poker. One thing I never do is go all in preflop unless you have pocket A’s. Just raise with AK.

Robert asks…

How do you withdraw from fulltilt poker if you are an affiliate?

and you never made a deposit and the only way to withdraw is if you make a deposit.
I am an affiliate and I want to withdraw money, I never deposited because I only am an affiliate and dont play poker. What can I do in this case. I dont want to deposit first.

admin answers:

Just sign up and make an account. Its just the way they have designed their backend system.

The affiliate program wasn’t specially designed, so its more something they have made work using their current inter-player account system. I also suspect that they hope you play poker with some of your earnings….

The only thing to note is that you can’t use your own affiliate code to sign up. So either sign up via a friend’s code or clear your cookies and go to

I don’t believe you need to make a deposit. You simply need a security verified player account.

If still in doubt email

Carol asks…

What companies are making money off the poker craze?

Poker has become so popular lately so I want to know which public companies are financially benefitting off of this. What are their tickers and which ones are the best ones? (most consistent in their products or whatever they do)?

admin answers:

Internet gaming companies from India and Europe. They have tons of cheap developers with nothing else better to do. The biggest one is Party Gaming Inc. (They own Also, the companies that are making money at the ones who transfer your money from you bank account to these internet poker sites and then charge a fee for it.

Chris asks…

Who thinks poker stars cards are programmed?

Ive noticed in poker stars that everytime i win (fake) money in poker stars i lose it by losing on better hands all the time? Who thinks poker stars is programmed to get all the fake money back by making your hand good, but then having it lose to a horrible hand? And who has managed to win and keep their money?

admin answers:

Ok i play for real money on online poker sites and let me tell you they are all all mathematically preprogrammed to randomly give out wins every so often , you are just being ignorant if you think otherwise, you really notice this when a player has the worst possible hand and keeps winning,the trick is to be aware of this and know when to fold your hand even though you might be holding AK or JJ etc, because you call the shots in these games, the same goes with all the pokie machines found in casinos ,bars and hotels they are all preprogrammed to hit, but it all deppends on how much you invest in them while wating to strike that wave, difference is there is no skill in these ,you either pump money in them or give up after an hour

Nancy asks…

How to win and keep money on myspace poker?

how do you win alot and do good in myspace poker (app).
most helpful tips get 10 points.
If you dont know what Im talking about dont answer

admin answers:

Im not too sure what your question is but …
A really good place for poker tips is oceans 11 – the dvd – because its about poker and gambling and stuff.
You can also have online poker practise on places like
google search for poker tips and practise.

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