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James asks…

Is betting sexual favors considered prostitution?

I know this is very kinky and a lot of people may disapprove, but please try not to judge. All I am trying to find out is if this is legal or not. I am having a home poker game and the winner gets me (sexually). People will be paying to play, but the money goes to the winner. I won’t be getting any money out of it. I know home gambling is technically illegal, I am just concerned about the sexual part. Does anyone know whether or not this is legal? Thanks!

admin answers:

No being a non-paid beat wh(*ore is just fine.

Susan asks…

I have designed a ground breaking video game, how do I proceed from here?

I have designed an on-line poker-based video game I know will be very successful and ground breaking, and am wondering where I go from here?

admin answers:

Unless you can fund it yourself, which you may be able to do but it’s unlikely, you’ll have to find some money to pay your programmers and artists along with any lawyer fees for protecting your intellectual property rights. You could try to get a small business loan from a bank or scrape together some money from friends and relatives by making them partners in the project. If you go with friends and relatives, make them silent partners. Basically they’d give you the funds to get started and you’d agree to pay them back that amount, with a suitable interest fee associated with it, and they’d have no input as to how the project is run. If you don’t stipulate that they have no input you’re quickly going to have all these people telling you to do this or do that to „make the game better“ and they’ll have the leverage of saying they gave you money so they can make the demands.

Second, if you can’t code it yourself you’ll need to hire at least one programmer, two if you get one doing the actual game programming and one doing the online code, and one graphic artist. If you go this route, make sure they have experience with a project of that size. If it were me I’d hire a programmer that has experience with such things and essentially put him in charge of my „programming department“ which means he can hire programmers as he needs them or farm out some of the work to freelancers, pending your approval of course. Same with the artist. I’d do this because they’re the ones that really understand just how much work is involved so if they feel they need help then they should, with your approval of course, be able to hire that help as it’s needed. Your job is basically the producer or project manager. You keep track of the budget, you check the quality of all the work to make sure it’s up to your standards, you motivate the programmers and artists and you make sure the project adheres to your vision.

Once you have the game complete you’ll have to look into setting up the website and getting the servers ready for the masses. You’ll also need to market your game. Again, you can hire people to do all of this (your programmers and artists can probably help you with setting up the web site) if you want to or you can learn by trial and error. Another route you might take is just selling your game outright to a buyer if you’re not interested in running all the back end stuff. You may also be able to license it to multiple buyers so that you keep control of the game and the code but they run it on their own web sites.

That’s a broad overview of what you’d need to get it off the ground. There’s a few places below, which I’ve linked, where you can find freelance artists and programmers who will bid on the job. Be sure you have a good idea of exactly what you want so that there’s no surprises for your programmers and artists when they bid on the job.

Good luck!

John asks…

I need a story about a poker game, preferably a professional one, that was lost to one lucky hand.?

It doesnt have to be poker either.
I’m looking for a story in which luck completely came out to be the winning factor.

If you follow Pro Poker and can tell me of a Professional Poker Game with those circumstances that I can look up that would be great

admin answers:

I’d go with Doyle Brunson’s wins of the WSOP two years in a row with the same hand (now named for him) – 10 and two, off-suit. Both times he filled out to a full house which certainly qualifies as lucky in my book.

Joseph asks…

[urgent] What kind of comical effect is this?

I need to do an essay about comical strategies on Friends. I’ve check some of the scripts and I don’t know what strategy these are called

1) Chandler: Yeah, we just don’t happen to know any woman in our games.
Monica: Oh, please, that is such a lame excuse!
Ross: Excuse me, do any of you know how to play?
Girls: No

2) Aunt Iris: I will hit him with my car
Monica: What?
Rachel: Oh my god
Monica: Really?
Aunt Iris: No! That’s bluffing. Lemme tell you something, everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap (to Phoebe) nice earing. (there are 2 here, one is the No! and one is the earrings)

And if you have any other ones please tell me. I need to finish the essay in like 7 hours time. Thanx
and another one too
(Rachel playing poker against Ross)
Rachel: see ur 25 and uh, Monica, get my purse
Monica: Rachel, there’s nothing in it
Rachel: OK, then get me your purse

admin answers:

The first one is NOT irony (irony = the intended meaning and actual meaning are opposite). If anything, the first one is funny because the girls are protesting a stereotype (girls can’t play poker) that they actually embody (they can’t play!).

Donna asks…

What card game is James Bond playing against Xenia in GoldenEye?

In the movie GoldenEye one of the opening scenes shows James Bond playing a card game against Xenia? I watched the movie this past weekend and it isn’t poker or any game I know of.

admin answers:


one of the easiest casino card games to play
and lose

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