Your Questions About Tournament Brackets

Paul asks…

What do you think of the NCAA tournament brackets?

Any particular snubs in your mind?

Any teams you think got in that shouldn’t have?

Who do you think has the strongest region?

admin answers:

No way should Kentucky have gotten in.

Betty asks…

When the NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets come out, what seed will the University of Miami have?

even if you dont like them i waqnt to know what your opinions are.
i think they are underrated with jack mcclinton and they will be a 2 or 3 seed

admin answers:

Miami isn’t good enough to be a 2 or 3 seed because of their mediocre defense and lack of a real inside presence. But Miami is good and the 4th best team in the ACC so I give them a 5 seed.

Donna asks…

Are the people who make the tournament brackets a bunch of morons or what?

With all the crappy games I’ve seen today, why is this Purdue Vs. Arizona a first round match up, this obviously higher in quality

admin answers:

Well they do the best they can personally i believe that not every conference champion should get in it should be the best 65 teams so we wouldn’t get teams like Oakland a few years back which had only 6 wins during the year and became the mid con champion if they did away with this 30 more deserving teams would make the tournament and we would have a higher quality of game even in the 1st round can anyone remember what happened in the Louisville game this year they smoked them there is no doubt that a Michigan or Syracuse against Louisville would have been a better game to watch and be playing in/’/

David asks…

where are the printable ncaa 2009 tournament brackets that have the times and dates on them?

the time and date isn’t on the printable versions of either of the first two repsonses

admin answers:

In my opinion the best printable bracket is on

Jenny asks…

When do the 2011 Men’s NCAA tournament brackets come out?

I’m just wondering so I can know what teams are in and what teams are out.

admin answers:

Sunday March 13th

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