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Sandy asks…

Can anyone tell me if this Deoxys is legit?

I put a Spiritomb up for trade for a Deoxys to show my friend that not everything gets traded away immediately, but the next day, someone traded me a lv100 Deoxys!

It’s in a Master Ball, and I don’t think event pokemon arrive in Master Balls, so I checked for legitimate OT’s, but this Deoxys‘ OT is in Japanese so I can’t read it. Was there an event where Deoxys is just put on your game and then you go catch it?

It says „Kanto arrived at lv100“, has a relaxed nature, and had Pokerus at some point. Its stats look right for the speed form, but I’m still a bit skeptical…

admin answers:

It would have had to be migrated up from a Fire Red or Leaf Green. A Japanese one. Not that that’s unlikely, but it does make sense. But most Deoxys are hacked on the GTS, so yeah. The Master Ball makes sense cuz there was a Deoxys event where you catch it in FR/LG. I suppose there is no way of knowing, but if all forms have legit stats, it wouldn’t really even matter.

Chris asks…

Pokemon black EV Training…..Is This Right?

okay well im bored in pokemon black and am going to EV train my deino in sp attack and speed. I have a macho brace and pokerus. My questions are do i need to take out 64 litwicks? or is it 252 and for speed do how many deerlings do i need to take out, cause it say’s in that if u have pokerus and macho brace 252 get cut down to 64, is this correct?

No inappropriate answers, you have been warned!

admin answers:

It shouldn’t be 64.

Macho Brace doubles the EVs you get. Same with PokeRUS. Thus you’ll be getting x4 the EVs.

Litwick normally gives 1 Special Attack EV. With Macho Brace and PokeRUS, that becomes 4 EVs. Thus to reach 252, you’ll need to defeat 63 Litwicks.

Deerling normally gives 1 Speed EV. Thus, with that combination, you’ll also need to defeat 63 Deerling to reach 252 EVs in Speed.

Emolga and Basculin give 2 Speed Evs. With your current setup, you’ll be getting 8 Evs. Thus you’d need to defeat 31 of them to get 248 and another one without the Macho Brace to reach 252.

Carol asks…

I am confused in my pokemon white game PLZZ some1 answer!?

OK some1 plzz answer these 2 Q’s

Q1: go to this wpage to understand

ok click on it and u will c at the bottom it says interaction Zekrom for pokemon white ! Does that mean i capture,it there or not because i thought i catch Zekrom after i beat he Elite 4 at N’s castle!?!/And at the bottom it say under the pic of Zekrom „only if boxes and party is full when at N’s castle“!?!!?/PLZZZ answer i am RLLY confused thx!

Q2: Plzz rate quickly from 1-10 my pk team if u have time (not necessary)

So far I got the game 3/12/11 and I have this team P.S. i have 7 badges i saw 90 pk in my pokedex and captured 40.i am at the entrance of DragonSpiral Tower.And yes i did give my pk nicknames they all have nicknames except 1 that i just caught but ill name it later.

1.J.LO (Stoutland) lv. 35 has Pokerus item is shell bell
Moves: Surf
Take Down

2.Liberty (Victini) Lv. 36 has pokers item is expert belt

Flame Charge
Quick Attack
Searing shot

Flapers (Unfezant) Lv. 37 has pokerus item is Sharp Beak
Quick Attack
Air Slash

Vanilla (Vanillish) Lv. 37has pokerus item is Lucky Egg sometimes never melt ice

Ice Beam
Mirror Shot
Frost Breath

Oinks (Emboar) Lv. 39 has pokerus item is Charcoal
Arm Thrust
Fire Pledge
Flame Charge

Dracoaxe (Axer) Lv. 31 doesn’t have Pokerus item exp. share

False Swipe
Dragon Claw

THX rate each pk from 1 -10 and hen whole team from 1 -10 only rate my pokemon IF u want 2 BUt PLZZZZ answer Q1.ThZ
srry when i putthe link in Q1 its kinda weird cause a word is connected to it accident here it is agin plz answer

admin answers:

Answer 1 : You can catch Zekrom after you defeat the Elite 4, and head to N’s castle, so YES you can catch it at that time UNLESS your party is full AND your boxes in your PC are FULL. Meaning you have like +700 Pokemon, no room to get another Pokemon.
If your boxes and party were full the first time you met it, then you have ANOTHER opportunity to catch it, and that is in Dragonspiral Tower.

Answer 2:
Stoutland – 7 out of 10. It’s decent for a starting point, but room for improvement. Get rid of surf, Stoutland haw low special attack so it will be useless on it.
Victini – 5 out of 10. Not really a good choice of moves in my opinion.
Unfezant – 7 out 10. Get rid of Air slash, it doesn’t really have a benefit, except for the flinching. Also, may want to consider getting rid of roost, it won’t exactly be surviving attacks (unless for in game; then keep).
Vanillish – 7 out of 10. Get rid of avanlache or ice beam, two many ice attacks, in this case may consider ice beam over avalanche since this Pokemon has a better special attack.
Emboar – 7/8 out of 10.
Axew – 8 out of 10. Pretty decent. Get rid of slash if you have dragon claw.

Your entire is just average, 7 out of 10.

James asks…

Don’t think I am EV training my Pokémon correctly?

K so I got a lvl 1 bulbasaur and I attached a macho brace and it has pokerus. I have been battling pokemon that I read (I think from serebii) give off HP EV’s. I thought I understood. I have now got Ivysaur level 31 but everytime I gain a level HP only goes up 3… which I would assume would be normal anyway???? Can someone help me… I beat about 5 pokemon before gaining a level at the moment. I also gave the lvl 1 bulba 10 HP Up’s before I started as I’m sure serebii advised me to do so before I began gaining EV’s! HELP ME 🙁

admin answers:

Your Pokemon won’t receive all of its stat bonus gained from EV training at once. It will gradually receive its stat boost until it reaches level 100, which is when it receives all of its stat bonus. If you want to know whether or not you filled all of your Bulbasaur’s EVs, then try to get an Effot Ribbon. An Effort Ribbon is given to you only after you’ve filled in all 510 of a Pokemon’s EVs. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can get an Effort Ribbon from an old lady in Blackthron City. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you can get an Effort Ribbon from a lady who at the Sunyshore market.

Pokerus is not a glitch, it was purposely made by the game creators. And Pokerus does help with EV training.

Helen asks…

Pokemon – EV Training Questions?

I’ve been EV training, or what I thought was EV training, for about a month now. The more I read about it online the more I’m starting to question whether or not I’m doing it right.

1) I know Pokerus doubles the effort values you get from defeating a Pokemon. I know Macho Brace does the same thing. When you have Macho Brace on a Pokemon with Pokerus when fighting a Basculin (which gives two EVs in Speed)… Do the speed EVs from ONE Basculin equal out to 8 EVs (2[2]x2)?

2) I read on that you should put 252 EVs into two stats, and 4 EVs into HP. Wouldn’t those 4 EVs into HP be pointless? It’s just one extra point. Does HP work differently from all the other stats?

3) After gaining 252 EVs in two stats, can I go on to battling other pokemon to level up or would it mess everything up? For example, I just started EV training a Snivy (now a Serperior). I haven’t been counting his EVs which is dumb of me, BUT, I’m trying to raise his special attack and speed. Once I get the 252 EVs in speed and 252 EVs in special attack, if I fight other pokemon who give EVs in other stats just to level up, would that screw everything up or not make a difference since I already earned the 510 EVs?

4) Is it possible to divide the 510 EVs between more than two/all of the stats if I want to level them out?

It’s all really confusing and I feel like I’ll never get it down exactly right. Any answers would be appreciated.

admin answers:

1) Yes, Macho Brace and PokéRus stack.

2) It’s not required that you put those ‚leftover‘ EVs into HP. And it is not considered pointless to raise your pokémon’s HP stat by one point. Even that one point can make the difference between winning or loosing. Just make sure the amount of EVs you put into a single stat is dividable by 4 and not more than 252 (because the max, 255, is not dividable by 4, thus the last EVs won’t convert into stat points if you do that).

3) After you’ve completed your EV training, you can battle any pokémon you want without having to worry, only the first 508 points count (because 510 isn’t dividable by four).

4) Of course! As long as the amount you put into that certain stat is dividable by 4 and not more than 252, you’re perfectly safe!
BulkyGyara – Defensive Dragon Dancer (a Gyarados suggestion from Seribii)
recommended EV spread: 152 HP / 176 Atk / 36 Def / 144 Spd

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