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Richard asks…

Where is the bestest hotel in Melbourne?

Say that your school is going Mellbourne …

Where would be the bestest hotel in Melbourn for school people to stay in?
And what amusement park is there?

admin answers:

For accommodation, it would help to know
* number of people
* age group
* number of days
* price range

you should try
in that you should type ‚Hostel‘ or ‚Bed and breakfast‘ in the Business Type and you will get many choices.

This one looks good
and is centrally located. If the kids are much younger and they dont take that age group, ask them for suggestions 🙂

Kids love Luna Park at St. Kilda

a unique type of park for younger kids would be the Anakie Fairy Park, which is almost 25km outside city limits.

have a nice time!

Sharon asks…

What is the bestest multiplayer war game?

What is the bestest multiplayer war game?I dont care about download.
Ok so what website is call of duty

admin answers:

Call of Duty (any version)
Battlefield (any version)
Crysis (any version)

Joseph asks…

What is the BESTEST Italian Restaurant in Pleasanton, California?

I know bestest is not a word… but that is to exaggerate that i wanna know the best of the best Italian Restaurant in Pleasanton, CA.

Thank you so much!!

admin answers:

User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (5 ratings)
LA Vite Ristorante
(925) 485-4500
3037 Hopyard Rd, #G, Pleasanton, CA 94588 Map it | Get directions
Cross Streets: Between Valley Ave and Parkside Dr

all the reviews say 5 stars great place and great food

i really hope i helped

Nancy asks…

can some one help me finding the bestest price fro a flight from chicago to guatemala, more details>>>>>

its from dec 22 till january 6, none stop flights cause i dont know how flight with stop works im sure its less expensive but how does dat work? and the trip could be with any airline as long as its the bestest price, or just give me the website that i could just look this info up that will compare all the airlines fro the bestest price for this trip. thank you.

admin answers:

I’d try . You’ll probably have to stop in Houston, or Miami.

Charles asks…

What is the bestest chocolate bar in the whole wide world?


I like chocolate. Its yummy. What do you think is the bestest

Oh- My favourite is Galaxy, Its yummy for my tummy


admin answers:


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