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Lisa asks…

Cast of Tournament of kings?

Does anyone know a list of the cast of the Tournament Of Kings Dinner Show?

admin answers:

Which one? What location? If you mean the Vegas one, there is no set cast. They have a high turnover of actors.

Maria asks…

Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings dinner show?

Has anyone ever been to this show? Is it fun? The tickets are like $50 bucks, what does this include (food, etc)?

admin answers:

Yes!! We loved this! You sit in sections and root for a certain knight. You eat with your hands and when we were there they served game hens, so that was nice and messy. 🙂 There is no alcohol, so you drink soda out of pewter mugs. It may seem pricey for a dinner but the entertainment was great, too.

We thought it was a blast!! Have fun and good luck!

Linda asks…

King of Kings Tournament (Round 1)?

So it is time for march madness RHH style I have seeded each King and they will „face“ another King and you vote for your winners I will post links to some of their most famous songs.
*Please note it is not song vs. song the songs are just examples for the artists*

1. Nas (NY) vs. 8. Trick Daddy (MIA)
Trick Daddy:

2. Ice Cube (W Coast) vs. 7. Black Thought (Philly)

3. Andre 3000 (ATL) vs. 6. Scarface (Houston)

4. Common (Chi) vs. 5. Eminem (Detriot)

The numbers refer to seeds (makes it easier to see who plays who next). So the opening round is now under way.
hehe forgot me

Nas in a blow out but it was a 1 vs. 8
Black Thought (Homer)
Votes thus far

Nas: 18 vs. Trick: 0
Cube: 10 vs. Thought: 5
Andre: 6 vs. Scarface: 9
Common: 7 vs. Eminem: 8
Nas and Cube have won their battles

Andre: 7 vs. Scarface: 9
Common and Eminem tied at 8

admin answers:

1.Nas (that one was a joke)
3.close one, but Scarface

James asks…

Tournament of Kings cast? HELP!?

I saw tournament of kings and the king of spain was insanely HOT!
I was in the French team and every time he passed I would scream which was embarrassing since everyone would look at me weirdly.
But anyway, I tried looking for the cast online but I can’t.
Here’s a photo of them:
The one that I tagged ‚Hottie‘ hahaha.
Does anyone know his name? I’m just really curious.
OH, and I KNOW it’s a rotating cast. I just wanna know his name.

admin answers:

Contact the Public Relations Office at Excalibur

Joseph asks…

King of Kings Tournament (Round 2)?

1. Nas (NY) vs. 5. Scarface (Houston)

2. Ice Cube (W Coast) vs. 4. Common (Chi)
Ice Cube:

*Not song vs. song pick artist*
Same as round 1. The highest seed played the lowest seed.
The Championship will be posted tommorrow.
I vote Scar and Cube.
i think I will re-post this tommorrow due to the low voter turn out:( not many are on right now

admin answers:


(I think you’re going to have to redo this one)

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