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Charles asks…

Bitcoin poker website gaining huge popularity, is SealsWithClubs the most reliable Bitcoin Casino?

Hey everyone, I have been looking at different websites to play some games on. It looks like SealsWithClubs is one of the more popular and trusted bitcoin casino’s right now.

Can anyone share their experience playing bitcoin poker with them?

admin answers:

Bitcoin poker is getting very popular as well, and I would agree that SealsWithClubs is a terrific Bitcoin Casino.

They have many different types of Poker games such as No limits hold em, Omaha high lo, and a couple of others.

I think I have won close to 3.2 bitcoins playing on that website.

George asks…

What poker site, is the easiest to make money on?

Pacific poker is very good, but what other sites, no matter how small or obscure is the standard of play lowest, and is the easiest to make money from?

admin answers:

I have found Doyles Room especially at lower levels in either cash games or tournaments are quite low. Read more at (US Players accepted)

PKR Poker also has a constant stream of fish from low to medium range. Read more at

Sandra asks…

Is there any good online texas holdem poker site available currently?

i used to play poker on fulltilt and pokerstar, but those site are no longer available. So was wondering if there is any other website available? I dont care if its just for fake money.. Just like playing tournament for fun..

admin answers:

You can play poker for play money at — it’s the real money poker site that’s no longer available to the United States (Notices the .net/.com difference?).

Linda asks…

poker tips that anyone finds useful and dont mind sharing?

im quite an alright poker player but has anyone got any other tips you can spare?
i normally play online on my phone.

admin answers:

Well I’ll give you thing I use but you’re going to have to research them yourself.
HUD (heads up display)
Texture of the board, pot odds, profiling players, position, your cards their cards, your stack their stack, range of hands you put them on, future risk of calling a raise (the risk gets compounded) risk of not raising (protecting your hand) value bet your hands mix it up, use information to your advantage, psychology aspects of poker -what do they think you are going to do, tells, squeeze playing, 4 betting cold, know that in many situations it’s actually correct to call Orr raise- it all depends on the player and how loose/tight they are. Try to get a general perception of players check/fold check/call check/raise percentage on the flop. How often to they bet out? Fold to a 3 bet? Be aware of your bankroll, can you afford it, what percentage of your bankroll do you have on the table? What level are you goong to cash out at? Are you tracking your losses? Wins? Min max values you had on the table? What are your reasons behind each play? Trapping? Nothing? Inducing a raise? Value bet bluffing? Blocking bet? Inducing a bet? Representing a bluff? Remember that poker takes a lifetime to master and only 10% are successful. Each of these concepts are very intuitive and that’s just the surface of poker. There’s way more

Lizzie asks…

Is there anywhere that can create a photo of me playing poker with poker stars for a poster to hang up?

My boyfriend is really into poker and I want to have a poster made for him. I it want to be him at a poker table playing with a few of the poker stars including Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth, etc. Is there anywhere that I can get something like this created for me?

admin answers:

The closest thing I can think of is an iPhone app called the „Poker Tour Cam“ that superimposes cards and player names to make your photograph look like an ESPN broadcast of the World Series of Poker.

Here’s the link:

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