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Joseph asks…

Girls, would you be offended if your bf didn’t want to take you to his poker game?

And you agreed earlier to hang out that night. But he forgot his friends organized a poker game….but he doesn’t want you there?

And the reason is- I know she gets bored easily and there will be nothing for her to do. And I want to concentrate on the game. She would just be a distraction and ask a lot of questions.

And I can’t reschedule because this game only comes around once in a while, whereas we can go out together almost any time.

Thoughts? Go and just make it up to her another time? I actually really like her- I don’t *want* to be a jerk.

admin answers:

Just tell her that you feel like she would be bored there. I’m sure she has her own life to get to and won’t mind staying home or with HER friends while your out. She won’t get mad. I’m not even gonna wish you good luck cause She. Won’t. Get. Mad.

Robert asks…

In the movie „in time“ Justin Timberlake bets more time than he has in a poker game, how?

In the movie „in time“ Justin Timberlake’s character plays poker against a „time millionaire“ who raises the initial bet of 50 years to 200. Justin Timberlake’s character calls the bet, but how could he do this since he only had 116 years to start with?

admin answers:

The hand they show was not the first hand he played. If you watch the movie again… shows that Justin’s character was up to 250 years.

Mark asks…

What do you know about the London’s Casino at the Empire?

I’m looking for information about London’s Casino at the Empire….especially the poker cash games there. How is the poker room? Is it a friendly room or is it full oflocals who dislike tourists? Can women safely play there? Is it a safe neighborhood as in can I walk alone at night or should I stick to taking cabs? According to my hotel staff, it will be a 5 minute walk to this casino.

admin answers:

I don’t know much about that particular casino. Full of locals ? Probably full of tourists 😉 You don’t need to be a member to enter. It’s in Leicester Square which is in the heart of the West End. You’ll have no problems there and yes women can safely play. With regard to walking home you’re fine. You’ll have no problems at all whatever time you decide to walk home.
Have a great time and may you win big at the tables

Jenny asks…

anyone know where I could find a free, easy-to-use game maker so I can make a poker game?

I’d like to make a poker game for multiple users so me and my friends could connect up and play online. anyone have any ideas where I could get one? doesn’t have to be great, just something to tinker with

admin answers:

Check out Game Maker:

Official Game Maker Community

Game Maker offers either a drag-and-drop method of making your own games, or a language called GML, Game Maker Language.

You got to try it! 😉

Laura asks…

how often should the blinds in poker increase?

yeaha pretty much the question… in a home poker game… how often should we up the blinds

admin answers:

It all really depends on the stack size and the place you are playing. In Vegas we have 20 min blind levels for most low buy-in events. But as the buy-ins get bigger you can see the blind levels are better ranging from 40 Min’s to 1 hour. But in a home game it all depends on how long you want to play, i start everyone in my home game with 3500k in chips and blind levels of 25 Min’s. This makes for a nice game that does not go one forever and ever. Good luck

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