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Joseph asks…

Is the cash they put on the final table of a poker game real?

I’m watching a final table of the World Series of Poker and they put a whole bunch of cash right on the table, is it real?

admin answers:

Yes it is real
what you don’t see is the numerous armed guards all around the place

Linda asks…

What are the Mafia Wars Bullet-Proof Bentley’s stats?

I have yet to be able to acquire one in the poker game and was wondering what the stats of it are to know if I really want to keep trying to get one or if possible more.

admin answers:

Atk: 10 Defense: 30

Laura asks…

I am tying to through a guys baby shower near Littleton, CO, and am having trouble finding a place to do it.?

It is going to be a Diaper Poker game with about 15-20 people. All we need is poker tables, chips, cards, and hopefully beer (we can bring our own if necessary). Does anyone know of a place near the 80110 area that could accommodate us? Or do you have any other thoughts of how this could work?

The general rules are every diaper you bring is a chip for the poker table. After that it’s poker like normal. Just a way to get diapers really.

admin answers:

You are going to have problems finding what you want.

Basically, you are looking for a room that is set up for playing poker. But since poker is gambling, there are only three kinds of places that will have the tables, chips and cards. The first is an actual casino, like the Riviera Black Hawk, and of course they are not interested in chips-for-diapers. The second choice is a charity that holds „Monte Carlo Night,“ or something like that. In most cases, those places are not technically within the law, but it’s harmless and ignored by the police. And the third place would be a private party in someone’s home. I think you are going to have to use that third approach. A regular bar or restaurant would have serious legal problems if they were to promote or openly permit gambling on their premises. And even though the police are not going to care about your kind of party, bars just don’t have that stuff available.

If you Google „casino party equipment Denver“ or „rent poker table Denver,“ you will find a number of choices for poker equipment rental. Here is just one example, but there are lots of others.
Then, you can have everything delivered to someone in your group with a big enough room for your party. Or, if you can afford to pay for it, you can rent a room at a VFW, American Legion hall, Lions Club or any similar space.

George asks…

What forms of gambling have the take the highest amount of skill and lest amounts of luck?

flipping a coin = 50/50
rolling a dice = 1/6
poker = ?
roulette = ?

what games can you develop the most amount of skill / what games are the most competitive? what are the most popular in casinos, what games feature the least amount of luck mixed with skill?

admin answers:

Roulette requires zero skill, just like rolling a die or flipping a coin. Slot machines also require zero skill.

Some casino card games like baccarat or „Casino War“ (yes, they do have „War“ at casinos) require no skill either, you make one blind decision and hope for the best.

Craps requires no skill for the average player, although some bets are better than others. A small percentage of the population does have some ability to control the dice, which is a highly developed and rare skill.

Video poker as well as most casino card games have an optimal strategy, so some „skill“ (actually knowledge more than skill) is required.

Blackjack falls into the previous category although can be taken to another level. Card counting is a more refined skill that allows a player to develop an edge over the house.

Poker is obviously the most skill dependent casino game, and by a landslide. You are up against other players rather than the house, and your ability to profit is almost completely dependent on your skill level in relation to the people you play.

Charles asks…

Poll question for people who have regular poker nights.?

At your poker game, how much do you ask each player to pay to join at your game? In other words, what is the jackpot money? This is a poll question, not a recommendation question.

admin answers:

We play a Turny first.. $25.00 buy in. $5.00 going to the house.. ( I know that is illegal) but goes towards beer. And clean up.. Then we play a 1-5 no limit with a max buy in of $40.00.. Keeps the bullies at bay..

Edit.. Turny pay outs are usually 3 places with 10-15 players 1st 50% 2nd 35% 3rd 15%

The no limit game is on it’s own.. If your winning?? Better tip!! Or NO BEER!!

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