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Linda asks…

How would you market the World Series of Poker?

What are some good ideal marketing strategies to promote the World Series of Poker? Please if anyone has any good ideas please reply.

admin answers:

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Jenny asks…

Why is it in poker it splits the pot when I have the highest hand?

I was playing online poker and on the river is a 2-6 straight of mix suits. I have a 7, 10 in my hand and every one else has one lower card that is already on the river. When the hand is over I obviously have the highest straight but it split the pot with the 4 lower hands, and then gave me about 1/3 of the pot. Why is this, shouldn’t the absolute highest hand get the full pot?

admin answers:

You can only win a pot corresponding to the contribution made by you and your opponents.

If you are all-in after the bet, only your opponents‘ call can be something you can win, forming a „Side-Pot“.

Any other bets (or raises after your all-in as well) made by your opponents are unobtainable by you because you have not contributed to that share of the pot, known as the „Main Pot“.

Side pots are dealt first, and the only ones able to win a side pot is the player all-in with contribution to that pot and those still with chips who have not yet folded.

If there are more all-in players that have different chip sizes, they can make different side pots.

Those that lose a side pot are ineligible to winning other side pots and the main pot, while those that won a side pot can win the pots that have more players involved in them; that is, until an all-in player has a better hand, then they can win the other pots.

Simply put, you must have been the short-stack from the remaining players; lets say you had $1000, for example.

Your had 4 opponents that had more than $1000 and you were all-in.

After your contribution to the pot, you all created the main pot worth $5000 ($1000 from each of you) and your opponents kept on betting, and created a side pot of $10000 ($2500 from each of them) (Doesn’t matter at this point, since you cannot win this pot at all).

Your 4 opponents were first up to win the side pot and all had a straight, 2 to 6 (remember, you always use only 5 of the 7 cards to make the best hand in Texas Hold‘ Em).

They have split the side pot of $10000 amongst themselves since they all tied for it, but when it came down to the main pot, you were eligible to win it and had a straight, 3 to 7, so you won the main pot worth $5000.

In the example, if you have won 1/3 of the total pot, then you have won $5000 of $15000, while your opponents have divided the remaining $10000 into 4 ($2500).

Remember, you can only win what you invest in the pot and only 5 of the 7 cards available to you can be used.

John asks…

Can someone explain to me how all these poker rooms around me are operating legally?

Over the last two to three years there has been a series of poker rooms opening around my area. Some offer bingo and blackjack too. These are not on Indian reservations. I live in Michigan, and am curious as to how they are all operating legally. I would love to open a poker room, as that has been a long time dream of mine, but I was always under the understanding that it was illegal to do so. Could anyone explain to me how they are able to do this? There must be a loophole somewhere that I’m missing. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Your state allows it. Odd that a blue state would do that…minnesote another liberal doesn’t allow it off the reservation. They threaten reservation casinos that if they don’t agree to a tax the state will open a casino and the natives said to f=uck off go ahead and do it…..

James asks…

How should I set up this poker party?

My wife and I are having a surprise poker / birthday party for a friend. Her friends range from beginners to pretty serious. We want to keep the games light so we’re not sure we want to have everyone play for money. Instead, we’re thinking of having everyone „buy in“ for prizes which will basically cover the cost of the prizes themselves. (For example 10 people buy in with $10 and we buy $100 worth of prizes.) Problem is, we don’t know how many will actually buy in. The other option is to have them all buy in and play for cash, but we don’t want too big of a buy in to deter anyone and don’t want it so small that you can’t even figure out the chip count. Does anybody have any ideas on how to approach this? Thanks.

admin answers:

You need to find out how many people are actually going to play. If it is more than 14 people, then have 2 tables. If it is 6-12 people, you can do with one table. This is assuming you are playing No Limit Texas Hold em..which is the most popular game now. The buy in should be soemthing that everyone is comfortable losing. So let’s say 5 dollars with 10 people. That’s a 50 dollar prize pool. You can have Top 4 people get paid….something like 35%, 35%, 15%, 10% of the prize pool..or something like that.

Now you need someone who knows the rules well and can determine side pots, burning each card before the flop, turn and river….

Usually small buy in tournaments start with 2000 chips. You can start at 25-25 blinds..and go up every 15-20 minutes, depending on how much time you guys have.
A good structure would be
etc etc

About the cards, you should have 2 decks at each table so that someone is shuffling one deck, while one is in play.

You should have a cut card (usually 2 jokers taped together) as the bottom card so that no one sees the bottom card (or you can do away with this since it’s just a home game)

Designate someone the tournament director if there are any disputes, their decision will be the „rule“ if there are any disagreements…..

Any more help, just pm me….good luck and have fun!

Lizzie asks…

Who played the black man’s character of Dan Conners poker buddies on the TV Show Roseanne?

On the T.V show Roseanne, who was the black gentleman who played one of Dan’s poker buddies?
It’s driving me insane! I know I’ve seen him in different things, but I can’t remember what!

admin answers:

James Pickens Jr. You might remember him from Grey’s Anatomy or from the X Files.

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