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Joseph asks…

How do I report my winnings?

I’ve been winning some money from poker cash game from a casino and it adds up to $16g this past year, so how do I file tax for it since the casino doesn’t give you any paperwork for an amount under $5k.
I would like to deposit this amount in the bank and I don’t want to be audit for tax evasion.

admin answers:

If you’re in the U.S., gambling winnings go on Line 21 of Form 1040, which is labeled „Other Income“.

If you are reporting the income, you should also look into whether you might need to make estimated tax payments. In order to avoid having the IRS charge you an interest penalty, you have to pay in 90% of the current year tax liability (or 100% to 110%, depending on your income level, of the previous year’s tax liability, if that is smaller).

Steven asks…

Do you need a Gambling Licence to Open Up A Poker Room In Mexico?

I know there are some slot only gambling rooms in Mexico but I do not see any poker or table games. I would like to know if you need a licence for a slot only casino as well as a table game casino too.

admin answers:

No casinos in Mexico mate the new government didn’t ratify the new laws.

Donna asks…

when I try to play yahoo games my computer totally locks up?

when attempting to play yahoo poker, free games, my computer totally locks up and I have to reboot

admin answers:

Having the same problem.. I did get a Java update 4 days ago.. Wonder if that is part of it.

I’m running Windows xp
using Firefox Browser

let me know if you find a solution.

Paul asks…

does anyone want to play poker in east houston tonight?

looking for legal poker games? Holding a homegame… no rake. buy-ins for whatever. anyone interested? near channelview area. respond: 713-330-4465
no prank callers; i don’t have time
ok then.. anyone else?

admin answers:

No i dont i want myself to be in the position of the guy who lost in lock stock and two smoking barrels.

Sandy asks…

Whats the best poker game for Xbox 360?

I had been playing negreanu’s stacked for ps2. I dont find it very challenging. Does anybody know a poker game for xbox that would be a good challenge without playing online.

admin answers:

World Series Of Poker: Tournament Of Champions is the one to go with. The game adjusts its playing style with yours during the game. It’s hard, but alot of fun.

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