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Joseph asks…

Would a poker fundraiser be illegal even if there were no cash prizes?

In the state of Alabama if you put together a poker tournament and players as their buy in made a donation to a charity and couldn’t win cash prizes but instead sports memorabilia or something like that. Would this be a violation of Alabama gambling laws?

admin answers:

Assuming it works like most states, charity fundraisers are usually excepted from state gambling laws but typically do require a permit from your county or city.

Linda asks…

How to own at Guys Poker Night?

Going to host a Guys Poker Night tomorrow and I want to rob all there money. I’ve played alot of online poker. But what are some tips in real life?

admin answers:

How to own at guys poker night? Alcohol. Lots of it. Make sure that they’re seeing so blurry that they think the fat girl in the corner is a pornstar. 🙂 if you are the only one not drunk, you’ll be raking in the chips and laughing all the way to the bank. If you’re an online player then you already know the game well enough so when they loosen up you start to tighten up those starting hand ranges and be a little more patient. If its deepstack then splash a little with some suited connectors and one gappers in hopes to hit big against aggressive players. But yeah, lots of alcohol for them and you ’sip‘ veerrrrrrry slowly. If they ask why you ain’t drinking say you have swine flu…… Wait scratch that last part. 🙂

btw, my cut is 5% 🙂

Charles asks…

How to play Texas Hold em Poker?

I’ve always played blackjack myself but fancy getting into poker, thing is I have no clue how to play it 🙁

Can anyone help me? Give me some instructions perhaps?

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

The game is very easy.

You start out with 2 random cards, every player does. Starting bets are played out for every player, 1 player is the ‚Big Blind‘ and the player to the left of him is the ‚Small Blind‘. They start the bet, with Small Blind being 1 chip and Big Blind being 2.

Then everyone either calls, raises or folds. Call means that you put in chips untill you have the same amount as the highest total of chips. Raising means that you Call and you increase the chip amount by a desired amount. Folding means that you surrender/fold your cards, then you dont have to call or raise, meaning you dont have to lose more money then needed (though big and small blind still remains)

Then in the centre of the board, when everyone called the first round. 3 Cards are drawn from the top of the card deck and layed in front of everyone to see. The point is to combine the cards in your hand with the cards in the middle of the table to create a poker/combining hand.

There are alot of combinations possible, like a pair (2 of the same card, f.e. Two queens), a street (a row of cards from low to high, like 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), a flush (5 cards with the same symbol, like 5 hearts) etc.

When the 3 cards are laid out in the centre, you then again Call, Raise or Fold. Once everyone has done their part, a new card is put in the centre from the deck, then the Calling/Raising/Folding is repeated and 1 more card is placed in the centre for the last time. Then once more you call, raise or fold and once that is done, everyone shows their hand, where the best hand wins the game, and all the chips.

These are the basics, more information can be founded online, just check google.


Donald asks…

Is Poker really beatable with Talent and no luck?

I am trying to find out a card game that can be beaten by talent not luck. I know Black jack can be beaten by Card counting but casinos now a days doesn’t allow card counting.

Also, i have heard in poker casinos don’t really care since we play against each other and not the casino… True?

admin answers:

1. Poker is definitely beatable.
2. There is no luck in poker in the long run.

Carol asks…

What are the chances of a Royal Flush and Four Aces being played in the same round of poker?

Me and some of my friends were playing poker and it went down to just me and one of my mates.

In my hand I had two aces (Spade and Heart). My friend had a Jack (Clubs) and a 7 (irrelevant).

On the table there were another two aces (Club and Diamond). A King (Clubs). A Queen (Clubs) and a 10 (Clubs).

What are the chances?
The probability of getting a Royal Flush is ‚0.000154%‘.

The probability of getting Four Aces is ‚0.0018%‘.

admin answers:

It looks to me like we have to split this into parts and then add up the combinations. One player can have AA or just one A. The other player can have two cards to the royal or just one (if he only has one, the other player must have AA).

Case 1 — you get AA and he gets 2 royal flush cards (other than an Ace).
(4 C 2) * 2(4 C 2) * 43 = 6*12*43 = 3096 combos

Case 2 — you get AA and he gets 1 card to a Royal.
(4C2) * (8 * 46) = 2208 combos

Case 3 — he gets 2 cards to a Royal and you get 1 ace
4(4C2) * 44 = 24 * 44 = 1056 combos

Total combos = 3096 + 2208 + 1056 = 6360
Out of a possible: (52 C 2) * (50 C 2) * (48 C 5)

Probability = 1 in 437,324,057 <——-

Now, that's just the probability that YOU get quad aces and HE gets a royal. I suppose the chance of either one of you getting the quads and royal is twice that, 2 out of 437324057. As for any two players in the game (you said you and some of your friends), it would be a little higher.

I usually check my work using a 2nd method but I don't feel like it now. I'm about 85-90% sure I didn't mess up, for what that's worth 😛

I'm pretty sure you can't just multiply P(quad A) * P(royal), because they're not independent probabilities.

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