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Robert asks…

Is a local poker game illegal?

Okay so i have a few questions…
please give sources for your answer because i would like to inquire further about this.
First of all, are local poker games legal and on what premises?
Are sports pools legal? on what premises?

admin answers:

Al Mac Wheel’s answer isn’t entirely correct. It IS legal in most places to play poker or other gambling games (including sports pools) for money. What is NOT legal would be to set up a poker game or other book where the house (you) gets a cut of the winnings.

So you can have some friends over for Texas Hold-‚em or to wager on the Final Four. However, if you insist that in order to enter the game, your friends have to pay you money first, then you are breaking the law.

Mary asks…

I need help with the distribution of poker chips?

Despite many online hands i’ve never been the actual host/dealer of a poker game, I’ve decided to do a poker night with Me and 4 other friends. My question is, how do i distribute chips if blinds are 25/50?

White = ?$ (# of chips to give also)
Blue = ?$ (# of chips to give also)
Red = ?$ (# of chips to give also)
Black = ?$ (# of chips to give also)

admin answers:

Here’s what we do, there really isnt much need for meticulous planning:

Assign a value to all chips, with a decent spread amongst them, if you’re only using 4 colours of chips, I’d suggest just sticking to round numbers, so you’re not messing around with the x5’s too much.

For instance: 10, 50, 100, 500

Then simply divide all the chips equally amongst all players, then round it down to a nice round number (you’ll see why later) so if you happen to have 40 of each chip, and there’s 5 of you playing, then everyone gets 8 of each colour. That would be 5280 each, so get everyone to throw 2×10 back into the pot to keep it a more rounded 5250. Simple.

Don’t worry about having a ‚bank‘ for change, if someone is low on Green chips, chances are someone else has a ton of them, and you can easily change-up between yourselves.

Also, when we play like this, if someone else turns up late, or someone wants to buy back in after being put out, we change the value of the smallest chip to the largest and adjust everyones stack accordingly. This usually works fine as after the blinds have gone up a few times, the lowest chip becomes pretty useless anyway.

So using my example from above, everyone would have a starting stack of 5250. So say one person gets wiped out, and they decide they wanna buy back in, turn the 10 chip into a 1000 chip. Everyone throws their 10’s into the pot, and notes how much they’re due back. Then people can trade amongst themselves and the pot til everything is fixed, and there’ll be more ‚value‘ of chips on the table to give the person who bought-in an extra 5250 chips. (At this stage in the game, nobody is likely to quibble if they’re due 10-40 chips and the smallest chip is 50, however if you really must, you can just use a coin or something to keep those partial chips counted until the cancel out)

It’s considerably easier to sort out buy-ins if you have more colours of chip, we play with 6 and it works very well, maybe ask all your friends to bring any chips they have, giant stacks of chips are way more fun anyway.

Jenny asks…

How to copyright and sell instructions for a new card game using standard playing cards?

I have fully developed a card game and have tested it numerous times to make sure the gameplay is balanced. I do not wish to patent it. I just wish to sell the instructions and the suggested name to a card company. It has no special cards, just standard. Sort of like games of poker and slap can be played with any deck of cards, no matter the design. I only wish to sell instructions, so how would I go through with this?

admin answers:


Folks DO get patents for Card games.. See the few examples below..



Consider ELECTRONIC version as well..

Here is how to do the Copyright in video form.. Check out the patent too..

Know about the provisional application for patent??? Get your free NDA there before you share the invention with folks…


Act QUICK because there is some crazy lawyer out there who HATES when I give useful answers and marks my questions for deletion! Then, Yahoo UNDELETES the answer and DEMERITS their account..

PM me with questions… I will answer… You will ALSO find my email in my profile.

Helen asks…

when do we get show cards option while playing online poker ?

while we play a online poker game, some times we get show cards option. I would like to know exactly when we will get that show card option in the game.

admin answers:

We get the option after someone has won the pot..
Exactly in the end of the round..
It doesn’t affect the round, but it may tell other players about your strategy…

James asks…

Are there legal ways to permit smoking in public places?

Suppose I owned a Hotel & Casino and wanted to create a gambling parlor for special poker games in a designated spare room (away from any smoke free areas). Is there any legal way that I could apply for an exemption from the UK smoking ban laws?

admin answers:

You can have an outside smoking area, , covered over, but not a room.
Lots of pubs,clubs and casinos have outside smoking areas

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