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George asks…

Is there any good way I can practice playing poker by myself?

Like something I can physically do with a deck of cards. Every time I play online poker I tend to either get careless and lose my entire bankroll, or I run into players that continuously make bets that would push me all in. So I’m really not getting any better at poker playing online.

admin answers:

The best thing you can do to improve your game all alone is to read a book. Truly. Reading 1 good poker book is worth more than playing 100,000 play-money games on-line. If you really want to get better, that’s what you should do.

Ken asks…

How can I make money with poker?

I’m learning poker as a beginner, as future referencer, could i play online poker to make money as a hobby? What are some good online poker places? How good are the pots in online poker?

admin answers:

I saw your e-mail.

Could you play to „make money as a hobby“? Well, yes – you COULD. The problem is, you almost certainly won’t. It is EXTREMELY hard to profit with on-line poker.

At a casino, it’s taken me decades to reach the point at which I can make more money at poker than I lose. Still, when it comes to on-line poker, I have learned to stay away. I finally had to admit that I wasn’t good enough to beat those games.

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to play poker very well. This takes experience, and play games such as Zynga and PokerStars play money games are good places to start learning. Just understand that no matter how much money you win at play money games, it means absolutely nothing. REAL money games are much different.

For real money games, AFTER you become familiar with how to play poker well with play money games, buy a good poker book. Something from David Sklansky is good. If you aren’t willing to read a poker book to improve your skill, then it’s not likely you will ever become profitable at poker.

„How good are the pots in on-line poker?“ Irrelevant. Sometimes you’ll get the equivalent of just 1 of the smallest betting units as your pot. Sometimes you can get hundreds of betting units as the pot. Of course sometimes you’ll LOSE hundreds of betting units!

Poker is not going to be a way for you to „make money as a hobby“ anytime soon. To believe otherwise is extremely foolish.

Mandy asks…

Why do most of the people on online poker usually play micro stakes instead of mid/high stakes cash games?

I prefer to play high/mid stakes and I know online poker is illegal, all I’m saying is when I look at Pokerstars online all of the other country online poker players usually play micro or tourneys.

admin answers:

„I know online poker is illegal“ This is a big planet. In some countries it’s illegal, and in most it’s not.

You prefer playing mid/high stakes because you can afford to lose a lot more than other folks can. You must be rich.

Paul asks…

Where can i play online poker with real money?

I have been looking for some real good sites where i can play online poker and yet get real money. So it would be a great help if anyone could suggest some sites which can be trustworthy.

admin answers:

There are many different ways to play online poker for money and it is important to understand that poker games for real money will have players that play in many different styles i.e. Aggressive players, passive players … If you are just a beginner, getting to grips with the basics by playing some freerolls or no deposit poker bonuses and see what poker online for real money is essential.

Now it depends on if you are a US or EU player (meaning that if you play from USA or not) Not all poker rooms allow US players because of the laws that banks have not to handle funds that have to do with Poker rooms, but there are some rooms that allow US players, which are legal.

The biggest two poker rooms in the world are PokerStars and Fulltilt Poker. They are well established and have good support team. You can also play at smaller poker rooms if desired. You can find them all at

Have fun!

Sandy asks…

I want to start playing online poker on, how much money should I put on my account to start?

I am a big poker player and want to start playing for some money online. It will be my first time playing for cash online and i am just wondering what amount of money i should expect to start with to get my on my feet.

admin answers:

Ahh well im kinda a believer in depositing nothing less than a hundred when you make a deposit, but if your just starting out and you really dont know if you can beat the game consistently idk? I would say you want to avoid tables less than .25/.50 nl or rake will really hurt ya in the long run. Maybe deposit a little less and try micro stakes for a while just to see how you fare and if you can move up to the next level.

But with that said playing micro stakes is almost like an entirely different game. If your a very aggressive player you will get killed in micro stakes cause theres a bunch of calling stations. So if you consider yourself good and classify yourself as a TAG player than you may be better off starting at slightly higher stakes

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