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Donald asks…

Where Ca I Find Out How To Work Out Odds & Percentages For Texas Holdem Poker,?

i Want To Be Able To Work Out Percentage Chance Of Certain Cards Coming In & what odds it would be for them to come in

admin answers:

You can go to a bookstore and look in the books there for help but they tend to be off since any other player could have the cards you need or have folded the ones you need….

Joseph asks…

In poker, there is a formula (shown below) on how to work out the odds for the river?

for example: you have 5h 7c in your pocket hand, then Ks, 6s, 8d, 2c on the flop. Either a „9“ or a „4“ is required to complete the straight. There are 4 „9’s“ in the deck and there are 4 „4’s“ in the deck, add them together, which makes 8, you require one of them 8 cards to make your straight so therefore there is „8 Outs„.

The equation:
8 (outs) * 2 + 1 = 17
So there is 17% chance of making a straight.

I understand that the „+1“ comes from the river required, but where does that *2 come from? What are you multiplying? Please explain.

admin answers:

Scruffy’s answer covers the math part of it well, but what I want to know is… What the heck are you doing playing 5h 7c? Fold that garbage. 🙂

Mark asks…

Pot odds on Hold em poker.?

„$300 from the blinds,plus $15,000 from five calls, plus my $2,000 bet, All four players folded. Plus $2,000 from one opponent call my raise, plus his $8,200 raise total of $14,000. I needed to shove my last $8,200 to win the $14,000 that’s out there, which were odds of about 7 to 4.“

I read this in one of Harrington’s book. Can anyone tell me how is it 7 to 4 odds? I’m trying to figure it out, I dont know how the odds came to be 7 to 4…I’m new into poker so i’m still reading things about it. Thanks..

admin answers:

7 times $8.200 = 57,400
4 times $14,000 = 56,000

roughly 7 to 4

So if you put in 8k to win 14k. You would have to win 7 and lose 4 times to make it even in the longrun.These odds help you decide whether to call or fold.
If you were chasing a flush draw(i dont know the odds of hitting flush)
to win hand,you call if the odds are better than 7-4.

I give you an easier analogy.Me and You bet on a coin flip.Tails i give you $1,heads you give me $1.In the longrun we should be equal.

Now,if i give you $1 for tails,BUT you have to give me $2 for heads.You would lose in the longrun.SO you wouldnt take this bet with me.

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John asks…

What the odds of an all black or red board coming up in a holdum poker game? That is, 5 red or black cards.?

I need to know the odds of five red or five black cards coming on board in a single hand or holdum. I have a bet with a buddy and need a math guy to figure this out for me. Please include the way you got to the answer so I can prove it.

admin answers:

The odds of an all black OR all red board is 5.06%.

Math work: Because you are looking for a board of the same color, the first card drawn can be any of the cards(odds of 1/1). The second, third, fourth, and fifth cards then need to match the first color.

The odds of the second card being the same color is 25/51 (There are originally 52 cards in the deck, 26 of each color. But since the first card is lready drawn, there are only 51 cards remaining, 25 of which are the color you need. Apply this principle to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th cards).

The odds of a third card being the same color as the first is 24/50.

The odds of the fourth card being the same color is 23/49.

And the odds of the fifth card being the same is 22/48.

To calculate the odds of a board of all the same color, multiply the odds of the individual cards:

1/1 x 25/51 x 24/50 x 23/49 x 22/48

That equals 303,600 / 5,997,600. When converted to a percentage, the result is a 5.06% chance of a board of the same color.

Note: If you want the odds of a specific color, take half of that percentage (the odds of the first card become 1/2). That is, there is a 2.53% chance of an all red board, and a 2.53 % chance of an all black board.

Thomas asks…

What are the odds of getting a royal flush in poker?

Please explain how you got your answer because i tryed to figure it out and i somehow came up with 30%, which is obviously VERY wrong lol
Only in TEXAS HOLD ‚ EM please

admin answers:

5/52 X 4/51 X 3/50 X 2/49 X 1/48 = 1/2,598,960 so one in 2,598,960 chance

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