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Paul asks…

Will apple allow me to create and application to count your chance in poker?

So im making an application that will count the chances of yours in slot poker, all it will do is tell the player what are his/her chances in winning current hand. And im wondering is this application acceptable in app store?

admin answers:

Well they let Applications such as Sex Positions and Lesbian Stories in so I presume so

Robert asks…

Why is poker and gambling so popular now?

Poker is now on television and it never used to be. Now there are poker celebrities, not celebrites playing poker but they have that also. Why?

admin answers:

Its popular because they want to be win The World Poker tournament and be a millionaire.

Nancy asks…

Where to play poker tournaments in Philly area?

I want to play in the WSOP of poker next year and want to train by trying out local venues /casinos. Aside from Parx/Harrahs/ Sugarhouse, what other places can I play poker tournaments for cash in the Philly area?

admin answers:

So, apart from casinos, where can you play casino style poker tournaments?

Is there anything wrong with the casinos?

What answers are you looking for? I play in touraments in the Philly area occassionally, but that’s at a friends house, or a friend of a friend… You aren’t invited.

You want other people’s houses? You want to play in a casino style tournament, you go to a casino.

How is Sugarhouse anyway? Haven’t been there yet. Been to the others.

And Altantic City isn’t that far (once it dries out, of course)

Mark asks…

What is the law on playing poker at a cafe?

My parents own a cafe and would like to do a private poker night. It would be about 10-15 people not all would play but it would be private. We have a bar but just want to know the law so that we can look at doing it legally

admin answers:

You may need a licence for gambling. Contact the Gambling Commission or your local council for info.

Mandy asks…

How many chips of each color does each person get in a standard poker set?

We bought a home poker set. This is what our chips equal to

How many chips should we each get for each person to have 500 to start with?

Sorry it’s a little confusing.
Thank you! :DD

admin answers:

The chips equal whatever you decide they equal (unless you happen to get a set with preprinted values.) Given the values above, it would depend in part on what blind levels you’re playing, how many players are playing and what distribution of colors came with the set, but one possible distribution:

1 black
2 blue
4 green
10 red
20 white

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