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Thomas asks…

At a poker table, what are some players writing in a notepad?

Ive watched alot of poker and some of them will write notes in a note pad after hands. Are they writing their hands or other players hands and how they bet? Or what?

admin answers:

They’re just writing notes on other people’s play so they can better predict their play and hands in the future. For example, they might notice that one player check raises almost every time he calls a raise from the BB, or that another player always over bets the pot when he’s bluffing and under bets with the nuts.

Sandy asks…

How do I win this type of poker?

I play no-limit texas-hold ‚em poker with my family. Most of the players don’t know how to play (just bet big when they have a pair or they bluff with a low pair) and there are only 2 players that know a little about poker strategy and I really need some money for a laptop I wanna buy.

So how do I win? I usually get to the top 3.

admin answers:

The best advice I can give with the information you provided is adjust your playing style to opposite of the style of the table. For example if you notice that everyone is playing tight bet more aggressive and bluff more. Or if everyone is playing lose tighten up and only play premium hands.

One clear advantage you have is that your are playing against regular opponents which gives you a chance to study and take notes on there style and tendencies. Does your uncle bluff a with weak hands and slow play the strong ones? Is your cousin super tight and conservative? Knowing the answers to these questions can make your decision to call, fold or raise much easier.

Don’t forget that your are watching you to so change things up from time to time. Do the opposite of what you normally would do occasionally. Change gears and keep ‚em guessing.

Sharon asks…

Poker freerolls what online poker site has the best ones?

Does Full Tilt Poker have the best freerolls? I want to make money without depositing and I need to find the best poker site for freerolls. I have heard many people who have made millions started with freerolls and I want to learn how.

admin answers:

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Michael asks…

What do I snack on while playing poker if I am a diabetic?

I am a diabetic and like to play poker tournaments. I am going to Vegas and know they do not permit food at the tables. What do you suggest I do?

admin answers:

I would suggest telling them your situation. They might make an exception. If you can bring drinks then you could bring a protein or meal replacement shake.

Lizzie asks…

if im good at online poker does that mean anything in terms of playing real poker?

Are people who play online poker and are good at it typically okay at playing poker at casinos?

admin answers:

It really depends on what you mean by people who „play online poker“.

Are you actually playing REAL on-line poker with REAL money? If so, and you are winning consistently, then you should have no problem winning at a casino. If you are playing with PLAY money on-line, then that means absolutely, positively nothing. A monkey could beat on-line play-money poker consistently.

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