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Donna asks…

When it comes to gambling, which card games have the best odds and the lowest house edge?

Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps or Poker?

admin answers:

Craps isn’t a card game. :

Take poker completely out of this question. It is not a „casino“ game. It doesn’t have a „House Edge“. It has a rake from ever pot. You really can’t lump it in with other casino games. You either CAN play poker profitably, or you can’t. Most can’t.

The lowest house edge for CASINO games goes to Craps when you take full odds on a „Don’t Pass“ bet.

„Best Odds“ is irrelevant. Why not throw Roulette into the mix? You could place a bet on 34 different numbers. NOW you’ve got the best odds of winning! You will win 34 out of 38 times! If you know anything about Roulette, you know that still means you are going to lose your shirt if you play that way.

Long story short, if you play casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and craps, you are playing HOUSE GAMES. The House WILL beat you in the long run. The only reason to play ANY casino game is to HAVE FUN. If you fool yourself into thinking there is a way to BEAT these games, you are a fool who will soon be parted with their money.

One more time I’ll mention poker. It is completely separate. It CAN be beat, but just don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll be able to beat the game very easily. You won’t.

(By the way – NOTHING of what Dan said is true. Absolutely nothing.)

Ken asks…

What are some games with MiniGames?

What are some games with MiniGames? just wondering. like the ones in like red dead, the poker games, and in duke nukem, how like everything in the game room was playable and you could draw on the white boards.

admin answers:

What Console do you want the game for?

Marioparty is probably the best I played but thats only for Nintendo branded consoles..

I know of others, But you have to let me know what console you own tio help you

Donald asks…

How many people are long-term winners in Poker?

How many people actually win over the long-term playing Poker? More specifically Online Poker?

Looking for a percentage of players that do better than just break even..

admin answers:

Sharkscope puts the number at 26%.
SS only covers tournaments, the number may be different for cash games.

I think that figure is based on players with a sample of 100 tournaments or more.
Since it is very easy to run good for 100 tournaments, that is a very small sample size: it may be that there are many players who win money over there first 100 tournaments, but lose money after, say, 500 tournaments.
Of course, there are also going to be players who lose money over there first 100 tournaments but go on to be profitable in the long run, so I doubt the figure would change significantly regardless of the sample size.

Thomas asks…

Help with making a game with Fortran?

I’m trying to do a little project but i have very little experience with fortran. I was thinking of making a poker game with two players. I made a dat file and fortran has the list of all the cards. Can someone tell me what i can do next? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

admin answers:

Even before you ask yourself how to code it in Fortran, you need to figure out what you want the program to do.
Basically, you need to
– write a random utility to shuffle the cards and distribute them
– have a evaluation routine that tell that one hand beats another given hand
– have a wager manager utility

and so on.

Michael asks…

What kind of artists/songs should I look into if I like Lady Gaga and Cascada’s new song?

I really like Lady Gaga’a work (poker face, love game, etc.) and now I’m STUCK on Cascada’s new Evacuate the Dance Floor song. So these all have a „dance“ or „european“ kind of feel to them. I don’t know what word really defines them. But point I’m trying to make is where can I find more songs like this? I’m really liking these „perfect for the club“ songs. What kind of artists should I look into? Any songs in particular you would suggest?

admin answers:

Good dance music
-The Tings Tings
-Cobra Starship
-David Guetta
-Groove State
-Kylie Minogue

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