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James asks…

How do i learn to think like a Poker Pro ?

I need to improve my Poker game and my friend told me that I have to start to think like a Poker Pro to succeed.

admin answers:

DoylesRoom has a really cool education section with tips,tricks and tutorials on how to improve your game….I found it to be an awesome insight, thought you might wanna check it out…

Charles asks…

What’s the meaning of „you are just in time for the lightning round“?

It’s in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, when Andie came to the poker game, after greeted her, they said: the game is bullshit, and you are just in time for the lightning round.

admin answers:

Meaning the last round which in gameshows is called the lightining round

Carol asks…

Why are the poker playing cards wider than regular cards?

Like KEM cards, poker cards are wider. Why?

admin answers:

It’s a simple answer to do with physical limitations. In a poker game players never have to hold more than 5 of their own cards, while in Bridge (likely the most common card game outside of poker), players need to hold a quarter of the deck at a time.

Bridge players then need thinner cards with a smaller index in order to hold and spread all 13 in their hand at once without looking silly. As the space isn’t such a valuable asset in poker cards (where most commonly players are only holding 2 cards these days), the preference is for a larger index to make sure you see the card correctly.

Donald asks…

When is the new poker game coming out for Xbox?

I play the full house poker on Xbox. I hear there is new version coming. Any one know when??

admin answers:

This Spring, no set release date.

David asks…

Does anyone know of a website that has every poker game there is and how to play it?

Its a long story, but I need to refresh on my poker skills.

admin answers:

Try these….

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