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Susan asks…

Are there any good Omaha poker books in the audio book format?

Also I would be interested in any Omaha poker DVD’s that are available other than the one
starring David Sklansky and Todd Brunson.

admin answers:

I don’t really think so, as there just isn’t as much out there about omaha or plo as there is holdem.

Daniel asks…

why are poker machines more popular than other types of betting?

the odds of winning on a poker machine seem to be lower than most other games so why do people like them so much.

admin answers:

Why do people make presumptive statements based on whims?

Poker machines are more popular than some types of betting and less popular than others.

Blackjack is more popular than some types of betting and less popular than others.

Roulette is more popular than some types of betting and less popular than others.

Regular slot machines are more popular than some types of betting and less popular than others.

Craps is more popular than…….OK, you get the idea.

Depending on the poker machine, the payback on poker machines can be anywhere between 80% and 99%. In fact, there are a couple known poker machines that with perfect play can produce over 100% return. (In other words, you can actually have a positive expectation with these machines.)

You’ve made a very broad statement that just doesn’t hold up to all situations. Some poker machines, (most of them, granted), are sinkholes for money. Some are not any better or worse than most other games. Some are actually good machines.

Mark asks…

How prominent is cheating in poker?

I imagine in professional games, the kind seen on TV, the rules are quite strictly enforced, but in everyday life and in casinos etc, is it the case that cheating is just part and parcel of poker? Is it usual for players to be 100% „clean“ or is it an accepted fact that everyone will be somehow trying to „get one over“ on each other, by means of subtle tricks and sly cheating? When I notice the sort of people who often play poker, many of them are very rich, often criminals and not the type I am sure who would gladly enter into a contest where they may lose lots of money. And even if the game is without cheating, how can anyone know they are going to actually take their winnings home? How can they be sure the losers will not physically prevent them?

admin answers:

Online poker is generally secured, but alot of players have lost trust in them due to recent controversies, including outright cheating and cases where the hosts do not have enough liquid to cover all existing player funds. Hence, if online gambling is legal in your area, you may want to find a very reputable site (and even then, perhaps not put all your eggs in one basket, i.e. Use two or three reputable websites not affiliated with one another).

Regarding live-action legalized cash games or tournaments, there must be some security & surveillance. Of course, cheating may still occur, but that’s true of any other casino game. But if you’re talking about underground games, I’d stay away from them, for a variety of reasons. If you like gambling, perhaps you can play with friends or at a charity event.

And finally, regarding robbery, it does indeed happen at casino hotels. So it’d be best if you are escorted by a friend or two to your hotel room after having a lucky night.

Charles asks…

What happened to my Zynga poker account?

I know the Yahoo Zynga poker has been shut down, but is there any way to recover my account?

admin answers:

The games have been down for maintenance for the last few days. If you mean your account on the game, it should remain. You will have to wait and see.

Lizzie asks…

Where i can find online poker bonus deals and poker bonus codes?

So my adventure with an online poker continues. I am however looking for some places where I could play for „free“ 🙂 – I mean with bonuses etc.

So are there any websites where I can find bonus deals (poker) and bonus codes?

Thanks in advance

admin answers:

If you are looking for Latest Poker Bonus information and Poker Bonus codes, then the best place to go

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