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Michael asks…

free poker?

i wana play some hold em online but not online just by myself like the poker i got with vista ultimate. i cant play that cuz im on a diff computer

admin answers: is by aol i think and poker is free and u can play the pc, just mark your table private. Or try but u have to download it

Ruth asks…

Where can I find a good free poker game?

I am just trying to learn the game poker as a pastime, but I am playing it on my blackberry, haha. I also want it for my laptop, so can someone please show me where I can find a good, meaning great graphics and not ugly cartoons, that is free. I am not into gambling at all, so I am aware of so many poker softwares but, unfortunately those are for pay.

admin answers:

You can play great 3D poker on 888. The graphics are amazing. You can play for free for as long as you like of for real money.

Good luck and enjoy!

George asks…

Free poker sites but you can still win real cash?

I’m looking for a poker site where it’s free to play in tourneys and stuff but if you do well you win real money. Does anyone know any good, legit sites?

Also, it needs to work on Macs. Thanks everyone.

admin answers:

There isn’t any site of such a kind. Which offers you money on playing free money game. They are not here for any kind of charity.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find or download a free poker game against a CPU?

By free I mean that you don’t have to pay for the site/download, and you’re not betting money, you’re playing for fun.

I am very new to poker (all my friends play it and bet pence and pounds, and stuff) and I want to learn.

admin answers:

What I did years ago is to play against real people online, you don’t have to play for money. Pretty much all the top poker sites have „Play money“ or „Fun Money“ once you register.

Playing against real people will improve your game and increase your confidence on the tables.


There the two biggest ones.

Lisa asks…

What are the best websites to play FREE poker, and win REAL money and/or prizes?

I have recently opened an account with Party Poker, and I can play in 3-5 „freeroll“ tournaments per night. These tournaments offer as prizes, seats to other tournaments where players can win real money and prizes. (I now have real money in my account, without ever paying any money in).

I’d like web addresses to other sites that have similar free poker promotions.

admin answers:

Fulltilt poker. Its big poker site with freerolls. You can find complete review of it at

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