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William asks…

Where can I find the Microsoft puzzle collection?

I’m looking for the above PC game, especially the game Rat Poker that was on this disc. I Have looked in shops, googled it and looked on ebay but had no luck.

admin answers:

2nd aisle on the right, next to the board games

Jenny asks…

What board games do you need to know in Japan and Korea?

Well in America if you want to hang out with friends you ussually play a game of poker or chess just for fun, what are popular games people probably play just casually in those 2 countries?

admin answers:

Go. It goes by a different name in korean but its the same thing. It similar to chess but it looks like othello and the focus is to acquire as much territory as possible without being captured. Its really intense but fun.

This site is basically your one stop shop for everything Go. It has it’s orgin(which originated in china) Its rules by country(there are different rules to follow depending on the country. America usually follows the Japanese way to play). Different game plays, study guides(for the really serious or beginners).
java Go problems simulator to make sure you understand techniques. And can practice basic moves.
A really nice server where you can play this game online against other newbies and experienced players. This server is nicer than other servers because on here people actually try to help you improve your game instead of ridiculing you.

I’m a newbie and this game is VERY addicting because it similar too chess, but not boring like chess.(i think chess is really boring). I got into this game by reading a manga called Hikaru no go, its a really informative and exciting manga. Similar to Hajime no ippo, but for a board game.

Another game is Shogi. Shogi is a board game thats popular in japan, Not sure about korean. But I don’t have as much info. There is a manga out for that too called SANGATSU NO LION but I’m not completely sure. Its on my to read list.

Lizzie asks…

What are some creative sexual games i can play with my girlfriend without having sex?

I am looking for a fun kind of stripping game like hide and seek or strip poker. nothing that i have to buy. also a fun role play script/scenario

admin answers:

Naked Twister…

Ruth asks…

What are some really funny sleepover games that don’t involve food?

So, I’m making my list of everything we’ll do at my party, and it’s like we have dinner, then we’ll have a campfire and cook marshmallows, then play games, stuff like poker with jellybeans instead of money, the chocolate game, chocolate monopoly, etc I’m worried that my friends and I might get tired of eating before they get tired and go to their tents.

admin answers:

Have some fun plying mom and dad well haveing a orgy sex

John asks…

What are good make out and rolling around games?

4 of my girlfriends friends are coming over and their boyfriends too. We have 5 girls and 5 boys. They are coming to my house when my parents are out of town. We want to play make out and s e x games and rolling around stuff, but we don’t really know any. Could someone tell me some and how to play them? Make sure you write down a lot.

No poker or twister

admin answers:

Strip Poker is the clear choice.

The other game is called „Find the Salami“
All the girls get naked, and then you turn off the lights.
And then the men have to find the women in the dark and find their salami, whoever you find you have sex with.

Another game is Finger.
You put your finger in your asshole, and then make a sandwich with it, and give all the girls that to eat.
Whoever pukes first loses, the last wins.
Thats next sexual, but its funny.

Oh btw,
How bout you just fuck them…… You don’t need no games, you all know what everyone wants. Just have a 10 person orgy.
You sick fuck

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