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Sharon asks…

Is there any way to legally play live poker in or around Madison, Wisconsin?

It appears that none of the casinos in the state have live poker. I’m interested both in casino poker and in recreational poker leagues that do not involve gambling.

admin answers:

It’s a bit of a drive but Potowatomi has a poker room, they’re in Milwaukee

Maria asks…

How is it possible to be ‚good‘ at online poker?

There’s no bluffing involved regarding facial expressions – only about how much you stake. But would you agree it’s good to be at poker? It’s about luck…

admin answers:

Are you suggesting that reading people’s facial expressions is the only skill involved in poker? No wonder you always lose.

Yes, it’s possible to be good at on-line poker. Just worry about everything else other than someone’s face.

Lizzie asks…

do walmart prepaid cards actually work to deposit on full tilt poker and pokerstarsZ?

I am looking for an accurate answer please. NETSPEND/ALL ACES CARDS *SAME Company* no longer works on any poker sites online.. Neither do the GREENDOT Prepaid Do the walmart ones work? Thanks for reading and I tahnk you for your responses.

admin answers:


George asks…

How are you supposed to be an aggressive poker player when everyone calls your raise?

I’m playing online poker. I had pocket aces so I went all in before the flop. And yet everyone at the table calls my raise and I end up losing.
I don’t see how it can get any more aggressive than that.

admin answers:

Assuming you were playing for real money, if you want respect for your aggression you have to higher the stakes. It’s not really poker at the micro stakes (and obviously play chip poker). In micros, people aren’t satisfied with their winnings and they won’t care about their losses, so it’s a very loose playing field.

Joseph asks…

What is a metaphor that involves poker and writing?

I need a metaphor that involves writing and poker for a project.

admin answers:

The surprise ending of the manuscript was the author’s ace in the hole.
As she walked into the meeting carrying her manuscript, she felt like a gambler holding a full house.

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