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Laura asks…

How do I record poker hands onto my PC?

I play poker on-line and want to record my hands on to my computer. The site (Pacific Poker) has a history of my hands I can watch but don’t know how to record them. I have seen other people can do it as they post them on youtube.

I’m in the UK if that makes any difference, does anyone know?

admin answers:

Hi, there are lots of programs that record your hands and show you the overall statistics of your game, including tournaments and S&G’s. The best are Pockertracker and Pokerstrategy Elephant.

Both are a bit expensive but you can get 60 day trials on both at the site below, and if you join the site and play to make some points they give you free license for elephant at 1000 points and free Pockertracker at 2000.


Mark asks…

What is burning a card in Texas Hold em poker?

I was watching a how-to video on how to play texas hold em poker and the narrator said that the dealer burned a card. What does burning a card mean?

admin answers:

As the previous people explained burning a card is simply discarding the top card from the deck unseen prior to the flop, turn, and river rounds after bets have been placed.

Card burning was introduced to texas hold em as a way to prevent people from getting an unfair advantage before the flop, turn, and river cards are dealt. Mainly, it was to prevent cheating. If the cards of the deck were marked, the person or persons who marked the deck would know what the next card for the flop, turn, or river would be. Using this knowledge, they could determine how to play their hand before risking any chips. Discarding the top card eliminates this advantage. A player does not see the real „top“ card until they have acted.

If the cards are marked, a player could gather some knowledge as to what card would definitely not be in play. But this is a very small advantage compared to knowing what card is going to be in play.

Sandy asks…

Can an LLC entity be created to play online poker?

I just have had this idea for a while and wanted to figure out the logistics? I want to create and LLC as an online poker playing entity with all winnings and losses considered revenue and expenses of the LLC. I’d also do consulting and run a poker blog as well. Is this legal?

admin answers:

That would be illegal.

David asks…

what is the smallest amount you can pull out of a poker machine?

I went down to my local pub and got grumpy reception when I pulled out $1.55 from a poker machine. Is there a SMALL amount limit like below $5 they won’t pay you or can thay pay you 5c

admin answers:

Legally, they are required to cash out any amount if you request it. Some bartenders will get pissy if you take out a small amount instead of just playing until you lose it all though.

Thomas asks…

Do you know where i can get a poker necklace from?

I want a necklaces that has diamonds,spades,hearts,and clubs on it.I LOVE Poker so i really want a one of those poker necklaces.And if you know where you can get any bracelets like the necklaces,that would be great 2.Thanks.

admin answers:

Try these:

Also, try gift shops near casinos and jewelry stores. Hope this helps!

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