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Ken asks…

Does anyone know any good websites for party games?

I’m looking for personalized poker sets, fun flirty games, dominos, bingo cards etc.
I need websites (ie Oriental Trading) that have physical games. Not Online games. I throw singles parties and I need party props.

admin answers:

What are the search engines made for?

Donna asks…

How many different ways are there to draw a hand of five cards, in a game of poker, that consists of an ace, a?

How many different ways are there to draw a hand of five cards, in a game of poker, that consists of an ace, a two, a three, a four, and a five of any suit?

admin answers:

There are 4 ways to pick each one of the acceptable cards.
Hence by the multiplication principle the total number of ways to form such a hand is:
4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 = 4^5

Betty asks…

Do anyone have a release date of wsop full house pro?

OK, I’ve been waiting untill to spring to try the free-to-play new poker game and need a release date plz. Ill keep searching but still nothing about wsop full house pro if u guys can help me get one will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Is this a video game? If so, try re-posting this in the „Video Game“ section. This is the „Gambling“ section.

John asks…

What is a good probability game that I could use for my data management assignment ?

Basically I have to invent a game of chance (the teacher said it could be a board game or poker, card game) and I need to make a description of the game, rules of the game and a probability analysis. Any ideas ?!?!

admin answers:

You are hiring someone for a job, and you have 5 applicants that you will interview, one after another. You can tell right away whether an applicant is excellent, good, or fair. You need to make a decision as soon as the interview is over whether to hire the person on the spot, or not hire that person and interview the next person.

If a person is excellent, you hire that person, and the game is over. If a person is fair you do not hire that person unless it is your fifth and final person. If the person is good, you need to decide if you should hire them, or decline and hope there is still an excellent person remaining.

The probabilities are excellent: 20%, good: 40%, poor: 40%.

What should your strategy be?

Lisa asks…

Why does it so often feel that meeting each others needs is like a game of poker?

Do you have to have the better poker face and the best hand to win? Is feeling important a finite, nonrenewable resource we have to compete over? What in your culture makes „the need war“ so profligate?

admin answers:

If it feels that way it is about personal needs not the needs of the other.

More a case of self interest than anything else.

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