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Ken asks…

How do you beat mental fatigue caused from online poker?

So I happen to be a very stubborn player that just don’t know how to quit when behind and I keep playing until I’m really stressed out and can’t concentrate anymore. When I’m stressed-free I win poker tournaments like ez, but when I’m on tilt I’m the unluckiest player. I just beginning to realize that poker is a mental game and I can’t continue if I’m like this so how do you guys and the professionals like phil ivey deal with mental fatigue when it begins to hit them??

admin answers:

This kind of mental fatigue can be cured by getting out of the game and to take a rest for a time. So whenever next time you felt stressed while playing online poker just switch off your system and take a nap of few minutes. After taking a gap of some time you can play again, and you will feel yourself that you are doing good now.

Steven asks…

Can bring poker chip set across country?

I got a golden crown poker chip set in Australia, I want to bring it to Singapore by air, is it possible?

admin answers:

Declare it when you get back and I can’t imagine why they would prohibit poker chips although you’ll probably have to pay duty taxes etc.

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John asks…

Where can I find 300 poker chips on the internet at a cheap price?

I have always wanted a set of Poker Chips but I can never find a good price!

admin answers: and check out the „Desert Palms Pure Clay 300 Chip Set“. For under $100, you can have chips that will be unique to your circle,and you can customize the colors and quantities. Much better than those nasty old dice chips.

If those arent to your liking, you can find a wealth of information about other lines of chips at Good luck

Sharon asks…

What do people place on top of thier poker chips?

My fiance noticed that while people play poker on TV they place a medallion or something on top of their poker chips at certain points in the game, is this just a personal preference luck charm, or something related to the game?

admin answers:

Answered your own question. =) luck charm.

Linda asks…

what is the average income of a professional poker player?

aside from winning a big event, which is way coool btw, what is the average income of a professional poker player?

admin answers:

I think that is so hard to answer.

It’s rather like saying, what is the average income of a retail store manager. There are so many different stores and variables that the answer will change all the time. There probably is an average, but I’m not sure it is all that useful to know what it is.

Professional poker players come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tournament players, with reasonable cash game skills. Some are only cash game players. Some grind it out in medium stakes games. Some play in major high stakes cash games. Most of the named players that you’ve seen on TV have lucrative sponsorship deals and supplement their income with personal appearances, books, magazine columns, online play, wearing web site branded clothing on TV etc.

I’m sure there are professional poker players out there that barely scrape by with enough to pay the rent. They may even go broke from time to time and have to borrow money. On the other end of the scale there are those who make over a million in a year.

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