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Joseph asks…

Going to the casino for my 21st bday with my cousin for my 21st bday?

Im going to my 21st birthday with my 24 year old cousin (none of my friends are over 21) at the mgm grand casino in detroit. I want to know the best way to have a good time? Like the best alcoholic drinks to have and the best games (poker slots blackjack) to play while drunk? Thanks and dont tell me not to drink… I will anyway! Thanks all those responsible over 21 drinkers!

admin answers:

Games to play in the casino:

Casino Poker
Blackjack Card Counting
Video Poker
Blackjack Basic Strategy
Craps Passline
Pai Gow Banker
Baccarat Banker
Craps Place 6 and 8

But be sure to know the tips and tricks played at casino.

Donna asks…

I’ve been playing poker online for 5 years now and want to stop. What else can I do with my time?

I just lost in two weeks what I spent the past twelve months making in online poker (texas hold em). I have finally come to the realization that this game is ridiculous and I’m just wasting my time. What else can I do with all the new free time I will have going forward?

admin answers:

Play the free tables, play with your friends, and learn how to play better. You’re losing money because you’re not good and you’re either bluffing too much, not reading your opponents‘ hands, or are joining rooms above your skill level. Stay away from the no limit tables until you get better.

Robert asks…

How much would a world poker tour t.v game cost?

i have an old world poker tour game used to plug into the t.v and then you play it, i have only used it about twice and it is is very very good much could i sell it for?

admin answers:

Well, I just got it at a thrift store for a buck; from what I see around, I suppose $4-$5 is what people would pay.

Maria asks…

What are some fun & addicting games my friend and I can play online?

My friend and I have been playing MSN’s tic-a-tac poker and enjoyed playing as a team against the computer. I was wondering what other free online games are available which my friend and I can play as a team against computer or human opponents.


admin answers:


James asks…

What to do if someone is making you feel jealous on purpose?

so my ex is trying to get a rise out of me by flaunting her new boy toy in my face. it’s definitely been taxing on me emotionally but for the most part i try to keep a poker face/no response (to sub messages). if this goes on, how do i react? and how can i not feel affected if possible?

admin answers:

So far you are handling it the way I would. Is it possible to change the places you and friends like to haunt (restaurants, pubs, theaters?)
I think it would be funny if you were shoved into the position of having to interact with her toy that you are so cool, make him laugh, act like he is your best friend, buy him a drink, pet his dog and she will come unglued but try to keep a poker face/no response etc. The toy will take an instant liking to you and she will pop a vein trying to hold it all in. Hahahahahaha She may even blow it and make an ass out of herself and you are blameless because you were only being nice.
The way I learned not to be affected was to actually thank his new squeeze for keeping him occupied and he wasn’t bothering me any more. It felt great.
I just have a feeling that you’ll find a way to be the better person and not stoop to her meaningless head games.

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