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Chris asks…

On Casino Royale why did they have to win that poker game to arrest that guy?

After James Bond won he told that CIA agent „hes all yours“ Because the CIA gave him 5 million dollars to keep playing.
Bond even told Vesper that the villain would keep killing people if he won the poker game.
Why did it matter

admin answers:

They didn’t have to win the poker game to arrest him.

The point of playing him in poker was to bankrupt him.

LeChiffe was a „banker“ for terrorists. IF they bankrupt him, he’s in great danger from those who gave him the money in the first place.

MI6 had a plan for Bond to take all his money then offer him protection in exchange for information – but Bond lost.

Leiter (CIA) then bankrolled Bond for a second try in exchange for Bond agreeing to let the CIA have LeChiffe instead of MI6.

Lisa asks…

Where can I purchase an online Poker game?

I would like to start my own poker game site, like PokerStars and Fultiltpoker. Are there any „out of the box“ programs that can be purchased, or way to find already built programs for sale?


admin answers:

You can get it here:

Robert asks…

How do i get good at poker?

Well the games of interest are Black Jack and Texas Holdem, i know how to play sort of but not exactly i want to be able to win money in the casino. Any books or websites i can learn from also considering learning how to count cards for black jack if you can help me out with that to i would appreciate it ***please excuse my punctuation and mistakes it’s just a question i know how people get on here so…*** thanks
obviously i have to practice but i mean the rules of the games

admin answers:

Lose tons of money or realize that there’s always someone out there who’s gonna take you for a ride

William asks…

Can I read poker books in school?

I go to high school and they don’t let us play card games like poker (gambling games) there. Can I still read books on poker?

admin answers:

I doubt anyone will even notice what you are reading, unless it is some obvious adult/pornographic content.

Read the books, and if you get hassle apologize and promise not to bring the book again.

Remember that there is nothing illegal, immoral, or wrong about playing poker. However some people have an issue with the game if it includes actual gambling for money. But at its core poker is a skill game just like golf or backgammon. There is nothing wrong with learning about it.

In school we read books about the holocaust, but it doesn’t mean we wish to round up Jews and kill them.

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to describe my skills on a job application?

I am going for a job as a service advisor. I have to fill in a few sections that describe my skills relevant to the role.
Communication. Planning & Organising, Team Working & Leadership. Where can I find good examples of what people have put previously on applications? The job is for a brewery in the U.K in the finance dept. Inputting & checking orders, customer queries.
I do not want to copy, I just want to get an understanding of the best way to show my skills.
I am educated to degree level, (Interactive Multimedia) Have waorked as a Senior Insurance Negotiator, 2 years, Claims & Underwriting experience. Sales & Lettings Manager 1.5 years. Quality Control Inspector.

Personal hobbies. (in no order)
Hill walking, camping, Angling (Carp), Squash, Tennis, Internet Gaming, Poker, Web Designing, Driving, Reading, Socialising.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.

admin answers:

Rules to show your skills in resume / job applications:

1. Give numbers / statistics to show your job scope
Ex.: Negotiated 500+ claims annually

2. List accomplishments to show you are valuable
Ex: Managed the highest sales in region (in $$$)

3. Choose right keywords
Most big companies use computer to match resumes with job opening. So, read the job opening carefully and use the same keywords in your resume / application

4. Do not include hobbies (unless you know the hiring manager has the same hobbies with you).

Hope this helps….

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