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Chris asks…

Question-Dellima about double stroller?

Ok so I am a little confused and frustrated. I curently have a 12month old and 25 weeks with baby #2. My baby will be 15 months when my 2nd arrives. My MIL offered to buy us a double stroller as our xmas present/baby present. We went to Toys R us yesterday and we found a baby trend stroller that is is convertible sit and stand. So my daughter could have her own seat until she is old enough to want to want to use a sit n stand. The stroller is $250. I think its a great price for what you get. She is telling me that it is a little pricey for her budget. So Now I am confused as to what kind of stroller I am suppose to get for under this price. All the double strollers I found have been over the $250 price mark. Can I find a good stroller for my needs that is cheeper?

admin answers:

Just say that you don’t mind paying the extra. Doubles don’t come cheap! Any cheaper than that and it’d be a second hand one. Maybe suggest a gift card for the store?

Maria asks…

Don’t wanna take the wrong one?

We are going to TN and will be doing a lot of walking. My 4 year old normally walks while my 1 year old rides in a stroller. However I know my 4 year old will get tired before too long and want to ride. For those who have been in this situation, would you recommend a double stroller, sit n stand, or a wagon? Making him walk the entire time is NOT an option.

admin answers:

My daughter is 4 now and my son is a year and a half now. When I take them on a walk, I take an Ergo and the stroller. While she can walk, he rides in the stroller. Then when she gets tired I either put her on my back or put him on my back, whoever wants to ride on my back basically (sometimes they fight over it… They both like it a lot better than the stroller.) Ergos go up to 40lbs, my daughter is 29lbs and my son is 27, so it works well. It’s also extremely packable and easy to take along since there’s no frame, and designed well. But I wouldn’t wear it for longer than 3 miles with my kids‘ weights personally (my husband can go 5-7miles, and others can do a lot farther.) So that’s what WE do.

I also have used a double-stroller and I recommend the side-by-side with big wheels rather than the ones that go behind. They’re good for being out and about, but double-strollers are always harder to push through a store. Try them out in the store if you can and see how it works with your kids. The side-by-side are easier to push, the big wheels work better in sand and grass and such, but the one-behind-the-other sometimes are easier in malls.

For a short term like that, unless you think the 4 year old will fall asleep in the stroller, then the sit-and-stand is probably what I’d go for (if you can’t consider the Ergo or a backpack like that.) I’ve tried those out in the store and if I felt like we’d be doing too much walking then I’d get that to be honest.

I used to babysit for my nieces/nephews and other kids and wagons were the big thing then. They are MISERABLE to deal with. They don’t fold up so if you have to get in a car or a bus then you’ve got a real issue. They’re not that comfortable for the kids unless you just make it into a big bed for the one kid (and that’s not very safe because they can tip out if you’re not careful.) They are a pain in the neck to pull and unless you’ve got older kids who love to push the back while you pull the front then going up hills are really painful. I mean PAINFUL. Try holding your hand behind you while pulling around a toy for a while, then imagine doing that for an hour. There’s a reason we put wheelbarrows up front rather than drag them behind us. Avoid a wagon like the plague, unless someone else will do the pulling.

Paul asks…

HELP! I will be traveling by airplane with my 18 month old and 3 year old!?

We are going to mexico this december and we plan on flying and we are staying there for 1 month. The flight is only about 2.5 hours but im worried! My husband will be coming as well but I just want to know what to expect? What should i bring? Should i bring a car seat for the 18 month old or should she ride on lap? Should i bring a stroller (mine is the joovy caboose sit n stand stroller)? please any tips!
Wow people nowadays are so FUKING rude! whoever answers rudely can go suck a cock!!! >:(

admin answers:

Yes, both of your children should use their car seats on the plane. You will need to use them at your destination, and it is not safe to stow them as luggage- this does damage the equivalent of the car seat being in a crash, rendering it dangerous to use in a car afterwards.

Be sure both of your children’s seats have the FAA approved sticker on it. If you are flying on an American airline, read this which will point out your rights regarding car seat usage:

Thomas asks…

Jogging Stroller Question?

I need a bit of advise/input on jogging strollers. We are a 1 car family and my 3yr old will be going to Preschool in the fall, I also have an 18 month old. I will be walking her rain, snow or shine. I currently have a Baby Trend sit N stand, but am looking for a jogging stroller as I think this will handle better in the snow.

I’d like some input on whether this is a good assumption on my part, and also what sort of jogging stroller. Do I go for the standard double jogger that you can purchase rain covers for, or do I go for a bike trailer that can be converted to a jogger?? Also if you own a jogger would you recommend a swivel wheel or stationary one?
Thanks for your input!

admin answers:

Ww actually have 2 jogging strollers, a single and a double. The single is a Baby Jogger (that is the brand name) and we love it. It is extremely easy to fold up and put in your car – although that won’t matter for you. It is not too bad in the snow, certainly better than a standard stroller. You can purchase rain covers and bug covers seperately, i think they are around $60 (overpriced) but can’t remember, my daughter is now 2 and a half and some of the items were gifts, including the jogger.
We just had our second baby and purchased a double Chariot jogging stroller. We love this one even better. Although it is more difficult to fit into a vehicle (you have to take it apart, the front wheel comes off), it has a bug screen, rain protector and sun protector built into it. It also converts to a bike trailer and ski pulk but you have to buy seperate attachments (we have all 3).
For your purposes, I’m not sure what would be best, it depends on how much money you are willing to spend to trek your daughter for walks. We have good ones because we actually run alot, bike alot and ski alot. The baby jogger was a gift and the chariot we bought second hand from friends who hardly used it, but brand new the baby jogger is I believe close to $400.

LOL to the perrson who indicated that joggers are dangerous. Ha ha ha….shockingly, jogging strollers are designed for JOGGING with BABIES! We put our baby in the Baby jogger at 3 months and we put our second baby in the chariot at about 4 weeks. You can purchase an insert called a bivy sack and they lay down horizontally and stay cozy, warm and protected. And shame on a mother running marathons, what on EARTH is she thinking? How dare she? LOL.

Richard asks…

SAHM’s: I need some tricks to get things done?

I am a stay at home mom to an 8 month old (9 months next week) baby girl. I love it, but I need some help on ways to get things done. Lately she has outgrown her jumper and has no interest in being in any sort of confined space (stroller, pack n play, jumper, etc.) She is crawling but does not like if I walk in front of her and let her follow me she will go about 3 feet and then just stop and scream. I thought maybe she would outgrow that and like to be able to go with mommy on her own, but its been a couple weeks and has actually gotten much worse. As soon as I stand up she starts crying, even if I am just grabbing something across the room. So I am either carrying her or sitting and playing with her and not able to get anything done. She takes two naps a day, but only about 30-60 mins long and I just can’t get everything done in that short time.
So, any tricks or tips on ways you get housework, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc done with an attached little one?

PS- I have tried the front carrier, she liked it until about 6 months old and then no longer wanted to be in it at all. That used to be my life saver to get things done, but not anymore.
I don’t pick her up usually. I just continue with where I was going and encourage her to come along, although she never does.
If I just let her cry while I do what I am doing she will go on and on.. I wish it was only 20 mins but much closer to 45 mins or an hour. Even after I am done and pick her up she will just keep crying and screaming literally for an hour or more. She would probably go all day if I just went from one chore to the next and left her on the floor even if she had toys.

admin answers:

There is no harm in putting her in her room with a baby gate on the door (leave the door open so she can see you) along with lot’s of toys. Leave her be to play by herself while you get stuff done. So what if she cries? Crying has never killed anyone. It will teach her independence. Or you can just get things done during nap time, if she takes two 30 minute naps a day then use those naps wisely. You can easily get a lot done in an hour a day. Make a schedule to save time, Mondays are cleaning bathroom and kitchen, tuesdays are laundry, wednesdays are vacuuming, mopping and sweeping and so on. If you break up chores through out the week they will take less time during the day. Then just do the daily tasks like dishes and showering once she goes to bed at night.

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