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Richard asks…

How do you restore a TI-84 Plus calculator to its original settings?

I was trying to figure out how to do something on the calculator but I think I must have changed a setting or something because it’s not letting me find zero(2nd-calc-2). I know how to reset it, but how do you restore its original settings?

admin answers:

That’s odd; what errors, if any, are you getting?

[2nd][+](Mem) > 7:Reset… > 2:Defaults… > 2:Reset will restore the factory default settings on your calculator.

Susan asks…

how do you find the tens digit of 3^2007 in a graphing calculator without getting an overflow error?

how do you find the tens digit of 3^2007 in a graphing calculator without getting an overflow error? do i take the log somehow?
please explain how to get the answer. ty
you are a damn genius steve u will get best answer!

admin answers:

There has to be a pattern with the tens digit, even if it takes 100 trials to get there, because there are only 100 two-digit number (counting 00).
None of the answers will be even, so that means there are only 50 two-digit odd numbers.

Do the math to find the pattern
3^1 = 03
3^2 = 09
3^3 = 27
3^4 = 81
3^5 = 243 (but we don’t care about the hundreds place – so multiply 43*3 for the next number in sequence)
3^6 = 29
3^7 = 87
3^8 = 61
3^9 = 83
3^10 = 49
3^11 = 47
3^12 = 41
3^13 = 23
3^14 = 69
3^15 = 07
3^16 = 21
3^17 = 63
3^18 = 89
3^19 = 67
3^20 = 01
3^21 = 03 (there’s the repeat)

So, the pattern repeats every 20 times. 3^2007 has the same tens digit as 3^7
The tens digit of 3^2007 is 8

Helen asks…

What are the odds of NOT getting pregnant?

For health reasons I can’t use birth control. I just had a kid with my husband two months ago. What are the odds of not getting pregnant until about 5 years down the road just using condoms and spermicide?
I just got the Mirena taken out today because of the problems it cause.
I just got the Mirena taken out today because of the problems it cause.

admin answers:

You can also greatly reduce your chances by learning the „fertility awareness method“. Note this is NOT the rhythm method. The rhythm method is using the online ovulation calculators as a „one size fits all“ approach and automatically avoiding sex according to what that says.

Through the fertility awareness you can learn to recognize when your body is about to ovulate through cervical position, cervical fluids and basal body temperature and avoid sex during that fertility window. (if you are afraid of condom and spermicide failing)

Women are only fertile for about 5-10 days out of the month.

Laura asks…

What are the chances of getting pregnant?

I have been using an ovulation calculator for the last 6 months. According to the calendar, a person has 5 fertile days. I had unprotected sex on the second day, April 30 and my ovulation date is May 2. I want to know what are the average chances of conception. Thanks to anyone that can help! Please pray for me as I have been struggling with this problem.

admin answers:

You should really be „trying“ BEFORE your fertile days. The sperm can live for awhile in there. That’s the best situation, for the sperm to be waiting there for when the egg comes down. If the egg is released and then you are „trying“, many times then you are too late. You have already been trying for 6 months. Provided that nothing is wrong with either of you, most people have success within a year. So you’ve already increased your odds right there. On the day you get your period is „day one“. Keep counting the days and „try“ every other day from day 10 to 17. If you don’t have success in 6 more months, see your doctor. Good luck!

David asks…

How do i find the factors to odd numbers?

So im currently struggling with my homework (just started year 8 on Monday) which im doing factors and I know how to find the factors to an even number by using a factor tree but im struggling alot with finding the factors to large odd numbers. So basically my question is, how can I find the factors to large odd numbers? thanks a bunch! (Please keep it fairly basic since im terrible at maths ;~;)

admin answers:

You can still use a factor tree with odd numbers, but finding the right numbers to divide by can be quite hard.
In the end there’s still a lot of guess and check involved, but you should know the following rules to help you:
1. If the digits in a number add up to something that is divisible by three, then the number is divisible by three.
E.g. Is 11235 divisible by three?
1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 12
Is 12 divisible by three?
Yes – So therefore so is 11235

2.The same rule applies to 9. If the digits in a number add up to something that is divisible by 9, then the number is divisible by 9.
E.g. 315216
3 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 6 = 18
18 is divisible by nine, therefore 315216 is too

3. If a number ends in 0 or 5, it is divisible by 5.

Check your large number with the above rules, if it fits any of those, then go ahead and divide them on paper or using a calculator.

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