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Joseph asks…

poker – odds of getting your flush if you flop a flush draw?

admin answers:

That’s means you have 4 of the 13 hearts (let’s use hearts for this) already and there are 47 unknown cards left in the deck, 9 of them are hearts. That means there’s a 9/47 chance you’ll get one of those hearts (19%) and you have two chances to get a heart and 19% times 2 = 38%

So 38% of the time (19/50) you’ll hit that heart.

I quick way to calculate this is to use the rule of 2 and the rule of 4. The calculation will be inaccurate but very close to the actual percentage.

You take your outs (in this case the 9 remaining hearts) and you multiply them by two if you have one chance to make your flush (18%, just 1% off from the real calculation) and if you have two chances to make your flush, you multiply your outs by 4, and 4*9 is 36% — just 2% off of the real calculation.

Use the rules of 2 and 4 when you’re playing poker, as you don’t have time to make exact calculations.

I suggest you watch this video which will also talk about your pot odds in relation to your outs:

Let me know if you have any additional question by stating them in the additional details.

Charles asks…

what are the odds of a player getting any hand at all in Texas Holdem Poker?

Even before a player gets their 2 cards, what is the probability that their hand will result in a pair or better once the flop, turn, and river come up?

Points for whoever can help 😀

admin answers:


Jenny asks…

Poker Odds: 45 off suit vs. pocket tens?

can someone explain, step by step, how 45 off suit has an 18% chance against a bigger pair preflop?

admin answers:

This is not 100% correct but should get you on the right track…

In general the chance of getting one pair x (starting without a pair in hand)
x = 1- (42/48*41/47*40/46*39/45*38/44) = 50.3%

Chance of getting another 4 or 5 y
y = 1 – (42/47*41/46*40/45*39/44) = 37.2%

Chance of both happening = x * y = 18.7%

This does not take into account the following

The tens make trip tens
There is another pair or other trips on board making a bigger two pair or fullhouse for the tens
The tens make quads
You make a straight
The tens make a straight
Either of you make a flush
You make a fullhouse or quads

Have Fun!

Thomas asks…

Need help with some poker odds…?

If i have suited hole cards and the flop gives me 2 more of the same suit, what odds do i have of getting a flush in the turn or the river???
Thnx fer answering so quickly (kudos on the math eyesight, & i got most of it too)… I should hav mentioned d number of players i’m playin against, 8 fer that matter… And big bad is right abt it being profitable to continue, but ofcourse what you practically observe is different, and only thrice have i ever landed a flush, let alone one that beat all the others… Another thing, big bad, i don’t think another player havin 2 cards of that very suit is very likely, would you not agree???

admin answers:

It is about 36% on average to catch the flush.

On the turn it is about 36%

If you don;t catch on the turn, it is about 19% on the river.

Here is a link to an article about pod odds with the percentages for your „outs“ in a hand.


You can never really know the true percentage, since you cannot see the other cards, so use the numbers above as a gneral guide.

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Flop a Royal Flush in Holdem Poker odds?

Googled it but I don’t think the answers are right.

My logic, your first card needs to be A,K,Q,J,T, so 20 cards in 52, need same suit 2nd card, so 4 in 51, then the individual flop cards, 1 in 50, 1 in 49 and 1 in 48.

Odds of 1st card 2.6/1 x 2nd 12.75/1 x 3rd 50/1 x 4th 49/1 x 5th 48/1 = 3898440/1
Your right, most poker sites say 649,740 – 1. So the odds of flopping the Royal Flush is the same as getting a Royal Flush another way, like 1 hole card and 4 community cards or 2 hole cards and hitting turn and river etc.

The 3 cards you need can come out in 9 different combinations of the 5 community cards, I only want the first 3, so 649740 x 9 = 5847660 to 1 of flopping it?!

admin answers:

Your logic is slightly off for the individual flop cards.

It should be 3 in 50, then 2 in 49, then 1 in 48. The order doesn’t matter.

The simplest way to calculate it also is the correct way.

There are exactly 4 combinations of the first five cards that will give you a royal flush — one for each suit.

There are 2,598,960 total 5-card poker hands.

Your odds of flopping a royal flush are 2,598,960/4 or 1 in 649,740. If you make the change I said, you’ll get the same answer.

Edit: Removing other discussion. You asked about flopping the royal flush, which means getting the first 5 cards. This is correct for that case.

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