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Sharon asks…

Pulled muscle in ribs? ?

I might go to the drs but I just don’t want to so im asking on here to see what people think….for the last 4 days I’ve had really bad pain in my ribs on the left side when I cough sneeze do anything really it hurts really bad it hurts to lay down or go from laying to sitting it hurts to take deep breaths it hurts to push a stroller up a hill if I turn my body or lift my arms high anything I do hurts really bad I was just wondering if it’s possible I pulled a muscle in my ribs? I was walking with my daughter n leaned the stroller against my body for a sec so it didn’t roll n it was agaist my ribs n it hurt so bad it felt like they were going to snap or something

admin answers:

I recommend you see an orthopedic medical specialist for your condition and have them perform a diagnostic test. That way, you can find out the nature & extent of the problem and a treatment plan can be formed.

Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Just wondering?

I’m not trying to be gross or funny just wondering about this.
I have heard that tons of germs come out of the toilet after you flush if you don’t close the lid (after #2)…bathrooms are germy places anyway so I don’t like my 7 month old daughter in there playing…Well my mother-n-law who I am staying with currently is driving me crazzzy and I really don’t know what to say without feeling stupid…She will be up getting ready for work in the morning and takes it upon herself to put my daughter in her little umbrella stroller and sit her in the bathroom with her while she gets ready..ok thats not so bad right, well then she will precede to close the and go #2 with my daughter in the bathroom..Not only does this totally gross me out…I dont think it sanitary!! How should I apporach her about this?
Meant to type close the door above
Sorry I don’t think I am over reacting…I don’t think normal people like people having their babies in the bathroom while people are going # 2…Its a different story if its me…or someone is watching her and there is no one else there to take her..but when I am sittinh in the next room what reason on Gods green earth would she want to take a crap with my baby in the bathroom,,,sorry its just creepy and werid.

admin answers:

I don’t think your baby is going to run into any health issues by being in the bathroom while someone is going.

BUT, if it bothers you, just say something casually like „I have this thing about bathrooms being germy, so if you don’t mind, I’d rather have her out of the bathroom unless it’s absolutely needed.“

Donna asks…

How can i make my dogs be the stars?

i have two dogs 1 is a lab boy puppy named bandit the other is a golden retriever lab near adulthood girl named heather Bandit can pull me on a skateboard, kinda ride a skateboard, swim getta a stik on command, play soccer, and he is sooo cute! Heather can ride the treadmill,play soccer, go swimming, and is soo cute and sooo sweet! they can both pose i take them downtown and they sit in a stroller for poodles they sit there and love it they are soo cute at least 5 people took pictures. I live in N.C I am interested in sighning my dogs up for a talent thing like americas best pets something like that please help me find a place and how to sighn up i live in the asheville area in N.C please help i have no clue very much appreciated !
ok so nif u look down labruja says its cruelty ok so does a swimmer stop swimming now my dogs have talent i do not intend on making money if i do so it wikll be spent on an awesome room for my dogs i love my dogs they are cute and awesome so don’t be angry please my dogs have a talent they are soo happy if u wanna talk to some1 about cruelty talk to my aunt i appreciate all opinions please feel free to anwser!~

admin answers:

Heyyy im tori the one who asked the question about the frech bulldogs, im very interested in getting one. Sry i had to leave this over one of your questions lol, i just didnt know how else to leave this. But anyway, if you could give me your e-mail or phon number or something i would love to get one. If you have e-mail or a myspace or something please let me know && i would love to see some pictures of them if you have any. So if you have a myspace, my url is and if you have e-mail mine is or something else that can be better to talk about this just let me know(:

Mandy asks…

postpartum and depressed and losing it? what to do?

im totally freaking out. my baby turned two weeks old yesterday and i have a two year old as well. when i first came home from the hospital i was a little weepy but very happy most of the time and my relationship was going better than it had in a long long time. for the past few days im just falling apart. ive done nothing but bitch and yell at my partner. he goes to the gas station to get a beer but he doesnt even ask me if id like one and here i am having been pregnant for 9 months and i feel that he is being completely inconsiderate. he goes to work every day but im stuck here, no money or gas and two kids. i cant even go out because im breastfeeding and i cant afford a pump and this is georgia id get humiliated trying to breastfeed in public. not to mention how can little ole me handle my tough two year old and a newborn out anywhere? i have to have my two year old in a stroller just to keep him under control. so where does my baby go? cant afford a sling or anything of that nature. im broke. 0 dollars to my name. im losing it because i no longer have any sort of a life. i love the baby but im hating everything else right now. so bad. i cry all day long as of yesterday and im just feeling worse and worse. my boyfriend gets to do whatever he wants like he always has but im still trpped. im pissed at him because he hasnt even offered to celebrate with me. instead he isolates me in here while he goes to the neighbors house and drinks, or like last weekened he had an old friend of his over and i bout lost it! i dont have any friends, all the friends from high school are out of the picture. so here i am isolated abamndoned and forgotten about. i hate my life. i really hate it. i feel sick and like i have nothing to look forward to. i need things to do and look forward to. this is no way to live. i dont have cable either. my days are miserable. i wake up to two year old whining. he starts making a mess in my bedroom. i breastfeed the baby which takes forever…hes a slow slow eater. then i restock the diaper thing, change both the babies, put clothes on throw my hair up, make up beds, pick up mess, dress toddler and baby, and finally go downstairs. i make breakfast for toddler, clean up kitchen, eat something quick, sweep or mop some floors, sit on the couch and watch curious george dvd with son for the thousandth time in a year…baby cries. feed him again. toddler whines for nap. i piut him down put baby down toddler wakes up i vaccuum make dinner and partner comes home n goes out leaving me stuck n here til bedtime. and repeat. should i be this depressed over all this? what can i do?does anyone see solutions or have advice? please help im going crazy!!!!

admin answers:

Okay – honestly just reading that made ME feel overwhelmed. You might be dealing with postpartum depression, but it’s also possible that you really do just have too much on your plate & not enough support. First of all if you truly are broke there is a program called „No Mother Left Behind“ that gives away slings for the cost of shipping if you qualify financially. Http:// Second of all if you are willing to cloth diaper you can save money there & there is a place that also offers free cloth diapers if you qualify: There IS help out there to get through these things, but you HAVE to look for it. There is likely also a baby pantry or some other resource in your area to help with things like even maybe a double stroller. Call around & ask & keep asking. Look in your phone book for a problem pregnancy center. Many of those are charities that are trying to talk women into not having abortions, but they also offer „after birth“ help too many times.

You need to have a set down talk with your BF as well. If he isn’t going to change, then you may want to think about moving on…seriously. It isn’t worth it to be with someone who makes you feel abandoned when you are most in need. It just isn’t. Frankly with a two week old baby & no money – neither of you should be thinking about beer. You should be working together to get through this time & putting EVERY spare cent you can aside to try & improve your situation in some way that is meaningful. The other suggestion I can make that is small is that if you don’t have cable & your son wants to watch stuff, there are free download available online. We haven’t had cable in AGES & honestly we don’t need it. At two he is old enough to set up in a computer chair & watch something on there…there is too which is great. I even like the short little videos we find on youtube. The biggest thing to remember is that a journey of a thousands miles begins with ONE step. ALL journeys do. You need to set goals for yourself & if your BF is willing to get on board, you can do this together & then take small steps toward those goals. You will NOT change all of this in one day – but if you can at least feel like you are moving in the right direction & if you take things one little piece at a time, you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed.

Hang in there – it won’t ALWAYS be this hard. Talk to your Dr too – even if this is just a case of being really really overwhelmed, if you truly cannot deal with it – it might be a good ide to try antidepressant until you can get your feet back under you. That is something to decide between you & your Dr though.

Robert asks…

My son is too old for me to get a double buggy when baby arrives…?

My son will be exactly 3 when new baby arrives, literally, I’m due 4 days after his birthday 🙂 I don’t know what to do about the buggy/stroller situation though.. Caien’s two and a half now, and he’s very very distracted and slow when I take him for a walk anywhere. He’s still in a pushchair now and I don’t really see him being completely done with it within 6 months, and I can’t just kick him outta the pram and say ‚mummy has to push baby’s pram now‘ cause he’d get jealous and resent the baby for pushing him out..I think he’s too old for me to get a double-buggy though because he IS gonna be 3, n for short journeys he can walk just fine..I just mean when we go shopping and stuff, cause we don’t have a car, so have to walk and get buses everywhere. I don’t want him getting tired out. I know you can get prams with a sit+stand thing but they don’t really look very nice and I’d prefer a big sturdy pram for my newborn, just feels safer.. and I want a buggy board where Caien can sit down, but apparently they’re really bulky and you have to walk at the side of the pram when using one. I have no idea what to do about it. Anyone else had a 3yr old and a newborn and had this problem? xx
I think you’ll find I CAN decide that one option doesn’t look very nice in my position.. I don’t see the point of having a double-pram type thing because when Caien does start walking, maybe 6 months later I’ll be left with an odd looking pram for only one infant when it’s built for two..Think I’m gonna go with the baby sling idea, seems the best option 🙂 x

admin answers:

Carry the infant in a wrap or sling, and let your son walk or continue to ride in the stroller. A sling/wrap/carrier will also leave your hands free to tend to your older child more easily. This site has a nice selection, as well as good information on baby-wearing – .

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